November 17, 2009

City Love Deux

I have had a not-so-secret love affair with NYC since the summer I interned in the city many moons ago. Unfortunately, Lisa was a bit of a loser that summer. I'm still constantly kicking myself for not taking full advantage of my time there. But rest assured, I have traveled back many times to compensate.

That summer was still pretty memorable though.

I learned to never look up because that's a tell-tale sign of a tourist. I learned to stand on the right, pass on the left. I learned I could walk 25 blocks during lunch hour to buy that shirt I placed on hold and still make it back in time for my sandwich. I learned to not smile at strangers...even cops. =( I learned the wonders that is H&M. I learned the subway smells like pee. I learned the sidewalks smell like pee. I learned that a big purse is not practical and only gets in the way. I learned the company of a park bench. I learned to power walk. I learned how to take 3 different modes of transportation for my morning commute. I learned how to read a subway map. I learned of soup dumplings.

And when I found myself in a strange city all alone for the very first time...I learned how to be me.

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