December 17, 2010

Favorite Things

It's that time of year; the time of year to be merry, to be bright, to be giving and to be...maybe...just a little bit self indulgent?

How many of us can honestly say that we haven't succumbed to buying a little something for ourselves while out shopping for others? And even though I've been pretty good at resisting temptation (only succumbing to a frivolous art supply or two*), I have slowly started building my own little post-Christmas indulgence list.**

So...on the heel of Oprah's Favorite Things***...I present to you:

Lisa's Favorite Things

7. Ski Socks - I am a victim of perpetually cold hands and feet. Blame it on poor circulation, blame it on my reptilian likeness...whatever you do, do NOT blame it on the lack of red meat in my diet. Despite what my mother thinks, a steak isn't going to warm my hands and feet...that is, unless it's grilled and wrapped around my extremities a la steak mittens and steak Uggs. Anyways, nothing keeps my feet warm quite like a pair of ski socks. I don't know what sort of magical weaving process differentiates ski socks from normal socks but these things are so good I have been known to wear ski socks to bed.

6. Toms Shoes - I lovingly call my Toms my "ugly shoes". Hideous yet so easy to slip on and off. And don't think I haven't noticed their uncanny resemblance to ninja shoes.

5. Snuggie - Everyone thinks I'm joking but I'm not. Too many times this year already I have found myself sitting on the couch with my throw wrapped around me only to extend my arms and find...there are no sleeves. What a buncha crap. OR, I have found myself sitting on the couch wearing my robe only to find my feet and ankles are cold. What a bunchier buncha crap.

4. Tank Cat House - Kitty goes "Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!". Hahahahahahahaha. Good thing Bill doesn't know how to use the computer cause...shhhhh...Santa's bringing this good little kitty a tank.

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Butter beer! BUTTER BEER!

2. Waldo's Dirty Chai Latte - Having frequented my fair share of Houston coffee houses, I think I have found my favorite at Waldo's. The place looks like grandma's house, smells like grandma's bosom**** and brews the best, BEST dirty chai latte.

And for my biggest, baddest, favorite thing...drumroll please...

1. KITTENS!!! Kittens for you! And you! AND YOU! KIIITTTEEENS! [said in Oprah's bellowing voice....cue kittens dropping from the ceiling onto a screaming, crying, hysterical audience]

Merry Christmas!!!

*It's a business expense so it doesn't count. Right? =)
**This is not a not-so-subtle Christmas wish list hint to Mr. Chow. I have been informed by the husband that my Christmas Amazon box is already sitting under the tree. know...our 1 year wedding anniversary is just around the corner. =)
***Which really wasn't that impressive. After giving away cars to the entire audience years ago, giving away CARS again just doesn't excite me anymore. C'mon Oprah. I expected better from you. I expected mansions, golden tickets and hovercrafts.
****Or at least what I would imagine one of those TV grandma's bosoms would smell like. TV grandmas != Chinese grandmas. Chinese grandmas smell like Chinese herbs and tiger balm.

December 13, 2010

Boarded Up

The show was amazing.

See How They Run

Can't Sleep, Clouds Will Eat Me

I love seeing sold stickers. Warm and fuzzies. Cloud 9.

Can't Hear You

All three of my babies together before dropping them off at the gallery.

Boarded Up will be available for your viewing pleasure at Gallery M Squared till January 2. Seriously, go check it out. The range of skill, vision and creativity is insane.

December 6, 2010


Pants don't get enough love. Haven't you noticed how everyone is suddenly very anti-pants? When did hating pants become a thing?

I personally love pants. Pants are extremely functional. There's a pant for every purpose.
I have work pants. I have eating pants. I have stretchy pants. I have skinny pants. I have yoga pants. And then I have...painting pants.

Can't Sleep, Clouds Will Eat Me

What are painting pants? They are a very old, worn, paint splattered pair of faded khaki cargo pants. I love my painting pants. The hems are frayed and the seams are one rub away from holing and I will cry when they finally meet their demise.

Yes, this drawing is also on one of my recently submitted skateboards. Which one came first? The paper or the board?

When I'm in my painting pants, I mean business. I feel like an artist. My pants make me legit. Nevermind the paint splatters actually came from painting my living room walls* and not actual arting; my pants won't tell. In my pants, I imagine I look like an artist who has been spending hours upon hours in her studio and only just emerged and in her haste, couldn't be bothered to change into clean pedestrian clothes. At least that's what I'd like to think. **

I butchershopped this image together from multiple scans. The drawing is just too big for my pathetically average sized scanner. My drawing is too big. My DRAWING is too BIG! I am a banana!

Pants. They're the new iPhone.***

*Living room walls that were suppose to be a subtle light grey. Living room walls that are actually a clear sky blue. You would think an artist would know better than to not sample paint. You would think. But, you would be wrong.
**This pants post was inspired by my late, late night of skateboard painting this past weekend. In my sleep deprived, delusional state, I absentmindedly wiped my painty hands on...NOT MY PAINTING PANTS. Thus, creating a new pair of painting pants. I'm starting to have quite a collection of accidental painting pants. Woops.
***No, I don't know what that means.

November 29, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

One fish...
Two fish...
Red fish...
Blue fish...

Welcome to the Lisa household, where...yes...there are four Christmas trees.

And a little sneak peek at my latest board.

November 25, 2010


As I sit here on Thanksgiving Day, during the lull that exists after the pumpkin cupcakes and white chocolate cranberry cookies have been baked but before the feasting and gorging begins at the family turkeython, I would like to send a little gratitude and thanks to all those who support my art.

White chocolate cranberry cookies!!! The pumpkin cupcakes are still waiting for their cream cheese topping and feel a little camera shy...seeing as how they're currently topless; it's understandable.

I have much to be thankful for this year*, but to stay art relevant, I would like to say without the support, enthusiasm, encouragement, motivation and inspiration of all you wonderful people, I would have succumbed to the naysayers** long ago. Without art, maybe I'd be better at my daytime desk job, but my little brain would implode in a spectrum of pigment and glitter.

Case in point: the lovely Brazilian Priscila who bravely selected my art to don her torso...FOREVER. I was FLOORED when I first received Priscila's email. And I believe my first words upon seeing her photo were: "HOLY SHIT." After the initial shock [I never dreamt the tattoo would be so large], I felt completely honored and humbled that my work connected with Priscila on such a personal and intimate level.

So, to keep this relatively short and sweet, thank you for helping this little budding artist...

Out of the blue...and from a complete stranger...I received an email with the above image attached to it. Apparently, the stranger had visited Houston back in the 80's and visited a friend of a friend's. During that visit, a little girl drew him this picture. Twenty-some-odd years later, the stranger found this drawing among his files and decided to Google this "Lisa Chow". Lo and behold, that Lisa Chow is me. All these years and I'm reunited with one of my earliest works. Funny how the universe works. =)

stay on the right track.***

*Husband, cat, Christmas music, run on sentences and peppermint mocha lattes just to name a few.
**The naysayers who tell me putting so much effort and energy into art is an impractical waste of my time. The naysayers who tell me art should be a hobby. The naysayers who advise me to be happy with 'enough'. To you, naysayers, I say...nay.
***This post's photo captions are epically long. But if you're like me, you love captions. Captions and footnotes.
****More footnotes for ya. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 22, 2010

Market Insider

First, thanks to all you wonderful people who made it out to WHAM this weekend! I heart you all! Even those of you who didn't bother to look at my stuff or who thought what you saw sucked. It's not your fault you have poor taste. I kid, I kid.

Anyways, with another WHAM under my belt, I can probably count the number of markets I've done on TWO HANDS. And with each market experience, I grow a little more sympathetic to my fellow art marketees. And, along the same lines, I learn a little more how to be an excellent art market shopper.

So I decided, why not divulge a few art market tips, tricks and little known insider secrets? Here's a handy little guide for art market frequenters and participators alike.

Lisa's Handy Guide to Markets*:

1. Setup is a bitch. I've likely stayed up all night getting things ready for the show and am running on fumes. I'm tired and I have to lug heavy boxes and artwork through parking lots, up stairs and down long corridors. And THEN, I have to dry my armpit stains, freshen my breath, wipe my mascara smears and make sure I'm presentable.

2. Break down is an even bigger bitch. I've likely stayed up all day entertaining you fine people and now I have to carry all the crap no one wanted home.

3. I'm hungry. All the time. Because I have no moment to eat. I love you. But you just keep coming. I take one bite and there's another person browsing my table.**

4. Don't feel pressured to buy. One of my favorite interactions from WHAM this weekend was when one fellow slowly cruised by my table, his smile growing increasingly larger and just before he walked off, he gave me a quick double thumbs up.

5. Take my business card. I'm a picky shopper too, so I understand if you're just not in a shopping mood or you can't decide on the spot. Take my card, go home, think about it, view my website, email me to tell me my work rocks, Facebook fan my page, bookmark my blog, buy my things online and call me up to say you'd like to commission new pieces to decorate your entire 5,000 sq. ft. house. See? Easy peasy, no pressure.

6. Ask me questions. I'm bored. I can't read a book or surf the internet or nap. So chat me up.

7. By the end of the show, I'm tired and the thought of hauling all my crap home makes me want to curl up into a ball underneath my display table and wait until the crew people break it all down for me. So this is the ideal time to bargain with me. I'll knock off a few bucks if it means one less thing I have to bring home.

8. A sucker is born every minute. And that sucker is me. Tell me a sob story about how you had a childhood pet rabbit who ran away one summer afternoon and you thought he was lost forever and you cried and cried until one day you saw your rabbit on the news and turns out he was picked up by a traveling circus and now Mr. Bunbun is a lion tamer extraordinaire***. And then yes, you can have that rabbit print for less.

*Aka: Lisa whining about market life. But I must insert a disclaimer that I really do love doing markets. It's just so much more fun to complain.
**Not complaining. Not complaining at all. I may be hungry but I'd rather my stomach eat itself than not sell you that original watercolor you love. True story. Plus, I've learned the magic of liquid nourishment in the form of coffees and chai lattes.
***This sounds like the makings of a most excellent story. Hmmmm....

November 17, 2010

No Martha

It is ridiculous how happy glitter makes me.

I think I have a problem. A sparkly, colorful, fantastical problem.

The glitteriness has even invaded my work.

Find new glittery prints at WHAM this weekend!

And I want more. The glitter has penetrated my brain. While not working feverishly prepping for WHAM, I've been thumbing through my latest issues of Martha Stewart's Living, creating and recreating my holiday baking list* and searching Etsy for vintage European glass glitter.

Sneak peek at adorable new necklaces debuting at WHAM. I'm saving a black bear one for myself. Booyah.

I love Martha. As a child, I loved watching her show and drooling over all the crafty possibilities. Everything was so neat and tidy and trim. All her recipe ingredients were always so prettily laid out in their respective pastel colored bowls waiting their turn to dive into the giant mixing bowl of wonderment. Through the magic of television, her oven worked at warp speed and cookie dough in lead to perfect cookies out in a matter of seconds. I even loved her dogs. They were chow chows. Chows. CHOWS.

Not even her blip in jail could mar my fandom. When asked which people living or deceased I'd like to have dinner with; Martha always makes the list. And not just because she'd bring the most perfect blueberry muffins known to man.

I bet she smells like cinnamon and glue sticks.

I'm no Martha. But I strive to be. One glitter jar at a time.**

*Currently: Chocolate chip cookies, jam thumbprints, gingerbread mini loafs, peppermint bark and iced sugar cookies. WHAT.
**I'll stop before my Martha gushing goes into creepy territory.

November 11, 2010



Last year was my very first year participating in Spacetaker's WHAM and needless to say, I had a frickin blast. Some fond memories of last year's events:

1. Andrew bringing me muffins and coffee. Show setups always leave me frazzled. In the frenzy of making sure all my products look nice, my sales recording apparatus are in order and my personal appearance doesn't frighten small children, I often forget breakfast. And because breakfast is the food of champions. Blueberry muffins and peppermint mocha lattes* are the breakfast items of choice for this champion.

2. Friends stopping by and "browsing" the table to lure in real customers. It's a little marketing tactic I picked up from The Simpsons. I have wonderful friends. My back pocket grifters.

3. Being RIGHT NEXT to the bar...but also right in front of the restrooms. Ew.

4. Overly enthusiastic girl who loved my necklaces. I think I sold her the necklace off my neck. She needed to have it. I wanted her to have it. It belonged with her. Plus, I was afraid of her crazy eyed retaliation.

5. Drunk guy who loved my work. He actually fawned. Flattery will get you everywhere. And then he turned around, saw the Green Mountain Energy** tent and started yelling and shouting obscenities. I'm not really sure what drunk guy had against renewable sources of energy, but let's just say the end of the night on day three of marketing festivities...this artist found it HILARIOUS. I love you drunk guy. Please return. I will reward you with a free print of your choice. If you make a spectacle, I will throw in a Christmas card.

I can't wait to see what awesome shenanigans and tomfoolery are in store for this year's market. Until then, this little elf will be slaving away in her workshop churning out print after print after print after....SQUIRREL!***

*Sugar overload = a productive artist
**Although I will admit, Green Mountain's marketing efforts can be quite annoying. Why are they EVERYWHERE? And constantly in my face?! And trying to make me feel bad about being a poor artist who can't afford to use their environmentally friendly but monetarily inflated services?!?!?
***Doug...dug...I geeet it.

November 8, 2010

Fa La La La La

Is it too early for Christmas?

My rough sketch depicting how I'd like to decorate my house this year*

Bill's new collar**

Hotel Cafe's Winter Songs and Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong on heavy rotation in my car

The newly listed print set in the Etsy shop (just in time for holiday shopping!)

So what are you waiting for!?***

*With bonus gingerbread house sketch on the flip side! I held a gingerbread house decorating / gingerbread men making party once. It resulted in one rather shoddily built house that didn't even taste good to make up for it and about a dozen rather well endowed gingerbread men. Oy.
**Bill has already managed to tear off one of the three wreaths on his BRAND NEW collar. WHY BILL?! WHY!?!?!??!
***Confession. The house sketch has been sitting idly in my sketchbook for...a few weeks now...waiting to unleash itself upon the world at the appropriate time in order to minimize the level of crazy I will exude. Mission accomplished?

October 11, 2010


After a 10 month hiatus*, was inspired by Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Maps':

A little sugary, syrupy, sweetness for ya. Blech.

*My little 'City Love' series that I worked on late last year and showed at Max's Wine Dive in February. Inspired by love songs and romantic comedies.

October 6, 2010

Why Houses?

I am often asked why I draw so many houses and buildings. The answer? Because, to me, a house is not merely a building or structure. In my work, the house becomes a home. A home is a place of comfort; a place of refuge. You turn to your home in good times and in bad. Your home is there in your time of need. Having a bad day? Week? Year? Your home is waiting for you each and every night.

So while thumbing through the 100 Abandoned Houses project, as picture after picture of dilapidated, neglected, abandoned homes flashed across my eyes, I felt just a little heartbroken.

Here before me were images of homes that once belonged to someone. Someone once opened those front doors to the welcome greetings of a husband or wife. Someone tucked in and slept in those bedrooms. Someone served Thanksgiving turkey in the dining room. Someone tore open presents underneath the Christmas tree in the living room. Someone's laughter, cries, joys and fears once echoed off those, now sagging, warped walls.

Cities change. Neighborhoods boom and then decline in popularity. As each year passes, more wood rot, more shingles fall, walls cave and roofs collapse. These homes, once standing so majestically, how can we watch them crumble without one beam of dignity?

Maybe it's the time of year...maybe I'm feeling nostalgic...maybe I'm romanticizing, but they say home is where the heart is. Today, my heart is where my home is.

*This post is a little more serious than recent ones but not to worry: Your regularly scheduled programming will resume next post. Cat poop!

October 3, 2010

Career Day

As they stared at me with young impressionable eyes, I thought,

"Holy dookie, why did I agree to speak to schoolchildren about being an artist and freelance illustrator? I'm no role model for these kids. I have no educated advice about becoming an artist. I only know how to do it the wrong way: go to school for something you end up loathing only to find yourself desperately doing a 180 and floundering to learn how to succeed in a field where you have 100% passion but 0% experience."

So, I threw butcher paper and crayons at them and yelled "DRAW, MINIONS! DRAW!".*

My little rouse distracted them for a moment but then the questions started squeaking in,

"How do I get a job like yours?" wake up one day and decide to see if people will pay you for your doodlings.

"Do people pay you for this?"
Is that some sort of backhanded question?

"If you have two clients, how do you decide which client to work with?"
TWO clients? At the same time? Huh, that's never happened before...

"I like to draw abstract things."
That's not a question.

"Can I have your autograph?"

*Ok, so it didn't go exactly like that. But I did challenge them to draw a "house interpretation of themselves". There were quite a few houses wearing clothes/faces/glasses/etc. But two that stood out to me were....1) manic robot house and 2) taco eating vampire house
**No really, they really did ask for my autograph. Ok, granted, they asked for everyone's autograph. But if children are the future...then this surely means I will have many adoring adult fans seeking my autograph in the future, no?

September 26, 2010

I Am Famous

A few months ago, I received a print order from a Kate Voegele*. As I did a silent mini cheer, a little something I do with all new orders, I thought the name, Kate Voegele, sounded vaguely familiar. I sifted through the old noggin and quickly remembered,

One of Kate's favorites

"Aha! The beautifully sang female rendition of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah I recently gave the thumbs up to on Pandora was sung by one such Kate Voegele."

Then, the brain wheels started churning and the following inner monologue ensued,

"Kate Voegele's songs are on Pandora. Kate Voegele is a famous singer. A famous singer** likes my art!"

Another Kate pick

Prompting a quick Google stalk session, I learned,

"Kate Voegele has a recurring role on One Tree Hill. Kate Voegele is a famous actress. A famous actress likes my art!"

Put two and two together,

"Kate Voegele is a famous singer and a famous actress. A famous singer/actress likes my art! I am famous by association! I AM FAMOUS!"

Fast forward to this morning when I was informed by a little birdie's email that Kate Voegele recently blogged about my art.

Kate's blog

"Kate Voegele hearts Houston. Kate Voegele hearts Houston because of my art! I made someone love Houston! I AM THE AMBASSADOR OF HOUSTON!"

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, I became famous.

And also why the mayor should give me the keys to the city.***

*No, I do not routinely reveal private customer information to the entire blogosphere. Before you outrage retaliate, just keep reading. This goes somewhere.

**Famous singers being fans of my art is not a new thing for me. Shout out to Winter Wallace. What can I say, musicians love me. Ego? There's no ego here.

***So, my head is about three times it's normal size at the moment. But do not fret. I am sure that in the next 15 minutes or so, I will surely step in a pile of feces or unknowingly tuck my skirt into my underpants or UT WILL LOSE HORRIBLY TO UCLA and my head will return to its usual slightly-on-the-small-side-and-not-even-close-to-symmetrical size.

September 9, 2010

Art Class Bores Me

I often daydream about going back to school and pursuing a fine arts degree. With BFA in hand, maybe, just maybe I'll be a real artist. But then I quickly flashback to days spent studying in the library*, to monotonous coffee mug welding professors, to thousands of perfectly good dollars spent on textbooks**, and to the handful of dull art classes I've experienced in the past and my daydreams quickly fizzle, sputter and die.

Lifted from real live craptacular art class sketch pads.

So what are these 'handful of dull art classes' that have left a foul taste in my mouth? My art instruction track record includes:
1. A summer art program at the local fine arts museum when I was about 7 years old. I remember going to the vending machine to buy candy and that darn machine spit out a Nutrigrain bar instead. A Nutrigrain bar is a POOR substitute for M&Ms. Pretty telling if this is one of the only memories I have of that art class.
2. Elementary art classes...and then the ever more prestigious advanced middle and high school art classes. Here, I encountered my first stool.
3. A drawing class I took up at a local arts league about 2 summers ago. Woohoo. More stools.

I have found that art teachers love, LOVE to pull the same old art tricks out of the same old art lesson hat. To name a few favored drawing subjects:
1. STOOLS. Why!? WHY!? These have to be the most boring items to sketch ever. EVER.
2. Ladders. Great. A really tall stool. Thanks for varying it up.
3. Bowling pins. Especially when the pin is laying on its side with the bowling pin head pointing directly at you. I can't draw that dimension without it looking stupid. I can't!
4. Hands. So, I take it the teacher ran out of ideas, looked down and saw...hands! Lesson done!
5. Other students. I get it. Free models. about...awkward.

Another common art lesson that never made any sense to me: drawing something in one line AND while not looking at your paper. What purpose does this serve?

Needless to say, I have not had the most enticing art class experiences to push me into the BFA direction.***

Plus, there's something fun about not knowing what I'm doing, learning through trial and error, making mistake after mistake after mistake get the point. I find it exciting to scavenge the aisles of the art supply store****, discovering new treasures in the forms of special effect mediums, fancy schmancy inks, and other arty farty doohickeys with no earthly idea why they exist, what they do and whether or not I may blow up my house with my art chemical science experiments.

So in summary: Art credentials? Who needs art credentials?! Not I, I say!*****

Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you.

*Or holed up in my cell block dorm room. Or imprisoned in my apartment taking Port Charles/Facebook/space staring breaks every 10 minutes.
**Perfectly good dollars that could have gone towards bags, shoes, decent haircuts, beauty products, and kittens...KITTENS GALORE!
***Another reason why I have decided art school is not for me is that, I've actually browsed a few art program curriculum and...let me tell you...they sound like a snoozefest.
****My local art supply store is run by some very cool hipster art peeps. I'm talking Buddy Holly glasses, rainbow colored hair, perfectly mused dreadlocks, tats/ink/whatever they call them cause I'm not cool enough, black attire, Doc Martens, the whole shebang. So I don my black beret and try to be incognito. No, I don't. But I do Pacman my through the aisles obnoxiously oooing and ahhing like an athletic sock/white sneaker clad tourist.
*****I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in my arty farty a$$.

August 31, 2010

Artist's Block

If you could take a stroll inside my brain at this very moment, you would find yourself stranded in the middle of a barren sandy dessert that stretches for miles in every direction. Heat waves ricochet off the sand and slaps you in the face. If you look up, all you'll see is endless stretches of clear blue skies. If you look down, you will only find the dusty tops of your worn beaten shoes. If you squint, you think you see shapes and colors forming in the distance. But if you strain to focus your eyes, the mirage disappears.

Yep. I've got nothin for ya.

August 27, 2010

Great Heights

I love challenges. No. I'm lying. I love the idea of challenges...especially art challenges. About a month ago, I decided I would enter the Society6 Locals Only collaboration show. The theme of the show is to submit a piece reflecting your interpretation of your city/home. Right up my alley, right?! I figured it would be a great exercise to flex my creativity muscles. I was all fired up to go.

But, of course, my creative juices dried up as soon as I hit the "apply" button and I sat there staring at a blank sheet of watercolor paper for days. And then, I forgot...and forgot some more... Until I looked at my calendar and realized the deadline was in 4 days!!! [dun dun dunnnnnn]

So, I pulled myself together and picked my brains.

What better way to show off the city I love than to draw all the local places I love! Not satisfied with simply drawing Houston*, I decided I would showcase my favorite little Houston nook: the fantastic Houston Heights!!!

I chose to include a small sampling of my favorite Heights spots.

A. Mam's House of Ice - Wedding cake snocone with cream. You will thank me.
B. Heights Neighborhood Library - I love the idea of libraries. But I fear library books. I have the-last-person-who-checked-out-this-book-surely-read-it-in-the-can-and-there's-no-way-I'm-touching-this-borrowed-book-phobia. This phobia also reared it's ugly head when I had to buy used college textbooks. [shudders]
C. Carter & Cooley's - Little known fact. Lisa's favorite food? Sandwiches. If Lisa had to pick just one type of sandwich? Chicken salad. Carter & Cooley's chicken salad tastes like the kind Mama Chow used to make.
D. Dacapo's - Strawberry cream cake. You will love me.
E. Mango Beach - Mango smoothie. You will ask me for my hand in marriage.
F. First Saturday Arts Market - Look for the sea of white tent tops. Then look underneath that sea and you'll find a school** of talented local artists and crafters. This little market has a special place in my heart because it's lovely curator [shoutout to Mr. Mitch!] gave me my first real art pat on the first art thumbs first art high five...I could go on.
G. Antidote - Where else can you get coffee AND beer?! As an avid coffee drinker and a nonbeer appreciator, I FINALLY found a spot where my hops-loving friends and I can agree to congregate.
H. Gallery M Squared - It's just a neato art deco structure.
I. Houston skyline - Been there, done that, seen it before. Now, let the great Heights begin!!!

*Houston's a great city. Houston's my home. Space center, Galleria, Water wall, stadiums, museums, towers. With a city so big, there's always new things to be discovered. It's fantastic. paper's only so big and I need focus. =P
**You see how I continued my aquatic theme there? Eh? Ehhhhh? ;)