February 1, 2010


One hour grappling Max's walls, ten dirtied fingertips, 6 bent nails, two dusty knees and one spool of wire later...the 15 pieces from my loosely named "City Love" collection are now up. =)
They're not exactly even or level. I was sadly unprepared to drive nails into a brick wall. So, I made due with the various screws and nails left behind by the numerous, generous artists before me.
A little fun tidbit about this collection: Each piece is named after a love song title or a snippet of one's lyrics.
I really love the look of my drawings up against the exposed brick wall. Quite fitting, isn't it?


Justine said...

wow good luck with them - I think they look really good all hanging up

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Justine! I agree, they actually look like a little collection/family now.