June 17, 2010


I've been thisclose to spilling the beans and shouting from the mountain tops that I've been in cahoots with Winter Wallace and....I can't believe I'm saying this...designing their debut album art!!! Ok, so maybe I've let that little detail slip here and there. BUT, I have at least managed to not reveal the actual art until now. So I get some brownie points, right?
It was super fun working with the band on the concept of their album art. What do you get when you throw together a bunch of creatives and a blank CD cover? Rabbit fetus.
And the album? It's super awesome as well. I love every single song. And I loved the band even before I was offered the job. So this endorsement? Totally legit.
Get your grubby paws on Holiday here.
OR swing by Winter Wallace's CD release party on Friday, August 6th at Gallery M Squared. The band will be there. I'll be there. And I hear rumors of possible henna artist to be there!

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