August 16, 2010

Arrgg Matey

Andrew has been using Urban Outfitters as my benchmark of success ever since I told him about the handful of Etsy illustrators who found their works getting picked up by the giant hipster retailer.*

So imagine my delight and wonderment when I received an email from Society6 that two of my prints were accepted by Urban Outfitters into their Print Shop collaboration!

Ok, so you can't exactly stroll into a brick and mortar Urban Outfitters, saunter to the home department and pick up a Lisa Chow illustration.

Buuut, you CAN use the interweb to navigate on over to the Urban Outfitters website, click on their Apartment category, scroll down to the Print shop, enter the Print Shop splash page, be transported to the Society6/Urban Outfitters collaboration page, index over to pages 8 and 9 of 9 pages worth of prints and find...LISA CHOW PRINTS via Urban Outfitters!**

And to help illustrate this exciting new way to purchase your very own Lisa Chow art, I have included..........a treasure map!!!


*Such as The Black Apple and Berkley Illustrations. They are both full time illustrators/artists. Oh, how I envy thee.
**So I semi-sort of-kinda-in a way-via loophole made my way onto Urban Outfitters. Cause someone over at Urban had to have taken the time to view and liked my stuff enough to include it into their curated selection. Now, if only they would pick a few up to carry in their store. Hint hint. Hello?
***Where paradise awaits you.
****And promises of cupcakes. [Lies]
*****I spent way too much time on this post.


Julie said...

That's so very exciting! Way to go! Congrats!

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Julie! Does this warrant me saying "Yes, my artwork was picked up by UO."? Probably not huh?

ellie said...

Congrats...but I actually think your work fits with Anthropologie better. Maybe you can work your way into anthropologie

Kristin M. said...

so very exciting!! yes, i think your work needs to be at anthropologie...

Lisa Chow said...

Anthropologie!? I LOVE Anthropologie! If only...