August 27, 2010

Great Heights

I love challenges. No. I'm lying. I love the idea of challenges...especially art challenges. About a month ago, I decided I would enter the Society6 Locals Only collaboration show. The theme of the show is to submit a piece reflecting your interpretation of your city/home. Right up my alley, right?! I figured it would be a great exercise to flex my creativity muscles. I was all fired up to go.

But, of course, my creative juices dried up as soon as I hit the "apply" button and I sat there staring at a blank sheet of watercolor paper for days. And then, I forgot...and forgot some more... Until I looked at my calendar and realized the deadline was in 4 days!!! [dun dun dunnnnnn]

So, I pulled myself together and picked my brains.

What better way to show off the city I love than to draw all the local places I love! Not satisfied with simply drawing Houston*, I decided I would showcase my favorite little Houston nook: the fantastic Houston Heights!!!

I chose to include a small sampling of my favorite Heights spots.

A. Mam's House of Ice - Wedding cake snocone with cream. You will thank me.
B. Heights Neighborhood Library - I love the idea of libraries. But I fear library books. I have the-last-person-who-checked-out-this-book-surely-read-it-in-the-can-and-there's-no-way-I'm-touching-this-borrowed-book-phobia. This phobia also reared it's ugly head when I had to buy used college textbooks. [shudders]
C. Carter & Cooley's - Little known fact. Lisa's favorite food? Sandwiches. If Lisa had to pick just one type of sandwich? Chicken salad. Carter & Cooley's chicken salad tastes like the kind Mama Chow used to make.
D. Dacapo's - Strawberry cream cake. You will love me.
E. Mango Beach - Mango smoothie. You will ask me for my hand in marriage.
F. First Saturday Arts Market - Look for the sea of white tent tops. Then look underneath that sea and you'll find a school** of talented local artists and crafters. This little market has a special place in my heart because it's lovely curator [shoutout to Mr. Mitch!] gave me my first real art pat on the first art thumbs first art high five...I could go on.
G. Antidote - Where else can you get coffee AND beer?! As an avid coffee drinker and a nonbeer appreciator, I FINALLY found a spot where my hops-loving friends and I can agree to congregate.
H. Gallery M Squared - It's just a neato art deco structure.
I. Houston skyline - Been there, done that, seen it before. Now, let the great Heights begin!!!

*Houston's a great city. Houston's my home. Space center, Galleria, Water wall, stadiums, museums, towers. With a city so big, there's always new things to be discovered. It's fantastic. paper's only so big and I need focus. =P
**You see how I continued my aquatic theme there? Eh? Ehhhhh? ;)


Melissa said...

Lisa, you are so incredibly talented! Love what you're doing. now shake off that creative block and create! ; ) or just go do some yoga instead? ; )
happy holiday!xo Melissa

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Melissa! I will certainly be taking advantage of Free Yoga Day. You? Maybe I'll see you at one of the classes!