August 8, 2010

I'm Kind of a Big Deal*

"Chow. Lisa Chow. I do believe I'm on the list. I'm...kind of a big deal."
"Why yes, these are my designs and illustrations. Winter hand selected me to design her album art. Yes, Winter and I go very far back. Very far back indeed."
"Wait...what? No, of course I'm not working the merchandise table?! That would be ludicrous! Don't you know I'm a very important artist. Kind of a big deal...hand selected by Winter..."
"See? I told you I know Winter! Proof! PROOF!"**
"No, I do not know the man who heckled*** Robert Ellis. He was not standing next to me. Nor is his name Andrew. Nor am I married to him."
"No, those are not my friends leering at the lead singer of Finnegan. No, they do not think she is the first woman they've seen in a long time who can pull off short hair. No, they do not wonder what their children would look like."
"No, I didn't throw a giant popcorn kernel**** at Winter while she was performing onstage. Really, there's no need to escort us out. We'll behave. I'll be good. Scouts honor."

*A very loose transcript of what conspired the night of Winter Wallace's CD release party. Some truth. Some fiction. But one very real strange little artist plus friends.
**Winter chooses sophisticated red wine. Lisa has friend bring her giant latte.
***WHO DOES THAT?! To be fair...Andrew wasn't trying to be rude. Andrew was trying to be funny. Funny fail.
****Giant popcorn kernel is actually...a sculpture?...that was suspended from the ceiling. I craved popcorn all night. And I don't even like popcorn.

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