August 2, 2010

White Night

Once a year, us crazy Houstonians don thin layers of white linen, stroll down crowded sidewalks and cracked streets, zigzag our way through the Heights corridors in the sweltering heat for...basically...a giant block party chock full of music, shopping, art, snacks and BOOZE*.

Last year, yours truly participated in this annual event by setting up a little table (while the sun was still out) underneath a little white tent (which allowed for zero air circulation) wearing her little white outfit (at least sweat isn't too visible on white clothing) and confined to her little 10'x10' space (which made it very easy for the mosquitoes to find me, leave to recruit friends and then come back with backup to feast on this stupid Texan sitting outside at night under a spotlight lamp in the dead of summer).

The sunglasses conceal the sweat tears running down my face.

Don't get me wrong. I love White Linen Night and I love every single person who took the time to cast pitiful glances at the pile of sweaty mush that I surely became. But, I lived. I learned. And this year, I vacate that little tent corner to someone braver, more durable and better armed with mosquito repellent. This year, Lisa Chow takes her art to Zelko Bistro and Dessert Shoppe! {confetti cannons boom, horns blare, hands go in the air}

City Love pieces and merchandise at Dessert Shoppe

So, if you count yourself amongst the swarms of crazy Houstonians** who will be walking the streets*** on August 7th between the hours of 6-10pm, stop by Zelko Bistro and/or Dessert Shoppe to view some of my super awesome artwork and to chow**** on some super terrific food/desserts. I wouldn't send you to an eatery simply because my art's up there*****. But the husband and I have actually dined at Zelko's and Dessert Shoppe prior to any art dealings and we are big fans of the food. Mmmm...the meatloaf. Mmmm...the white & choco layer cake. {salivates}

Newer pieces will be on display at Zelko Bistro

I'll be present at Dessert Shoppe for most of the night. But if you swing by Zelko's, tell them Lisa sent ya.****** And then bring me meatloaf. C'mon! Throw an artist a meatloaf!

Tons o' merchandise to sell! Get it while it's hot.

*You must be slightly inebriated to voluntarily spend hours outside in Houston in August. Although, I'm not much of a drinker. I'm just that crazy.
**Count me in.
***I really couldn't help myself. You street walker, you.
****Again. I can't help myself. Get it? Chow? Lisa Chow? I crack myself up.
*****Who am I kidding? I totally would.
******Just for kicks. This actually wouldn't benefit you in any way. But if it does, let me know!


Mitch said...

REALLY the play on your name is hilarious Lisa! Have a great time and I hope the sqeeters don't find you this year! BTW - remember Paige from the market? That will be her husband Eric Woodring performing at Zelko!

Lisa Chow said...

I hope I see you out that night! (Lisa misses Mitch!) If you take the time to swing by Dessert Shoppe, I'll pilfer a cannoli for ya. ;)

Emma said...

Love your art :]

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Emma! I love that you love my art.