September 26, 2010

I Am Famous

A few months ago, I received a print order from a Kate Voegele*. As I did a silent mini cheer, a little something I do with all new orders, I thought the name, Kate Voegele, sounded vaguely familiar. I sifted through the old noggin and quickly remembered,

One of Kate's favorites

"Aha! The beautifully sang female rendition of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah I recently gave the thumbs up to on Pandora was sung by one such Kate Voegele."

Then, the brain wheels started churning and the following inner monologue ensued,

"Kate Voegele's songs are on Pandora. Kate Voegele is a famous singer. A famous singer** likes my art!"

Another Kate pick

Prompting a quick Google stalk session, I learned,

"Kate Voegele has a recurring role on One Tree Hill. Kate Voegele is a famous actress. A famous actress likes my art!"

Put two and two together,

"Kate Voegele is a famous singer and a famous actress. A famous singer/actress likes my art! I am famous by association! I AM FAMOUS!"

Fast forward to this morning when I was informed by a little birdie's email that Kate Voegele recently blogged about my art.

Kate's blog

"Kate Voegele hearts Houston. Kate Voegele hearts Houston because of my art! I made someone love Houston! I AM THE AMBASSADOR OF HOUSTON!"

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, I became famous.

And also why the mayor should give me the keys to the city.***

*No, I do not routinely reveal private customer information to the entire blogosphere. Before you outrage retaliate, just keep reading. This goes somewhere.

**Famous singers being fans of my art is not a new thing for me. Shout out to Winter Wallace. What can I say, musicians love me. Ego? There's no ego here.

***So, my head is about three times it's normal size at the moment. But do not fret. I am sure that in the next 15 minutes or so, I will surely step in a pile of feces or unknowingly tuck my skirt into my underpants or UT WILL LOSE HORRIBLY TO UCLA and my head will return to its usual slightly-on-the-small-side-and-not-even-close-to-symmetrical size.


Danielle said...

It should make you feel even better to know that she just posted a link to this blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Justine said...

very cool lisa!

Lisa Chow said...


Gayle Robertson said...

Hi Lisa! Kate is a friend of our family and I have seen her post about your art work before - love it! Love your blog too!

Dawn said...

Your work is so lovely!