October 3, 2010

Career Day

As they stared at me with young impressionable eyes, I thought,

"Holy dookie, why did I agree to speak to schoolchildren about being an artist and freelance illustrator? I'm no role model for these kids. I have no educated advice about becoming an artist. I only know how to do it the wrong way: go to school for something you end up loathing only to find yourself desperately doing a 180 and floundering to learn how to succeed in a field where you have 100% passion but 0% experience."

So, I threw butcher paper and crayons at them and yelled "DRAW, MINIONS! DRAW!".*

My little rouse distracted them for a moment but then the questions started squeaking in,

"How do I get a job like yours?"
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...you wake up one day and decide to see if people will pay you for your doodlings.

"Do people pay you for this?"
Is that some sort of backhanded question?

"If you have two clients, how do you decide which client to work with?"
TWO clients? At the same time? Huh, that's never happened before...

"I like to draw abstract things."
That's not a question.

"Can I have your autograph?"

*Ok, so it didn't go exactly like that. But I did challenge them to draw a "house interpretation of themselves". There were quite a few houses wearing clothes/faces/glasses/etc. But two that stood out to me were....1) manic robot house and 2) taco eating vampire house
**No really, they really did ask for my autograph. Ok, granted, they asked for everyone's autograph. But if children are the future...then this surely means I will have many adoring adult fans seeking my autograph in the future, no?

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