October 11, 2010


After a 10 month hiatus*, was inspired by Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Maps':

A little sugary, syrupy, sweetness for ya. Blech.

*My little 'City Love' series that I worked on late last year and showed at Max's Wine Dive in February. Inspired by love songs and romantic comedies.


Rebecca said...

I like! I'm putting that print on my birthday wishlist!

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks! And an early happy birthday to ya!

LoveErica said...

As soon as I say the title of this post I KNEW it has to be about that song.

I painted a picture in high school about the song (it wasn't very good, but I did it anyway. hahaha)

Love all of your work!


Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Erica! LOVE Karen O.