November 8, 2010

Fa La La La La

Is it too early for Christmas?

My rough sketch depicting how I'd like to decorate my house this year*

Bill's new collar**

Hotel Cafe's Winter Songs and Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong on heavy rotation in my car

The newly listed print set in the Etsy shop (just in time for holiday shopping!)

So what are you waiting for!?***

*With bonus gingerbread house sketch on the flip side! I held a gingerbread house decorating / gingerbread men making party once. It resulted in one rather shoddily built house that didn't even taste good to make up for it and about a dozen rather well endowed gingerbread men. Oy.
**Bill has already managed to tear off one of the three wreaths on his BRAND NEW collar. WHY BILL?! WHY!?!?!??!
***Confession. The house sketch has been sitting idly in my sketchbook for...a few weeks now...waiting to unleash itself upon the world at the appropriate time in order to minimize the level of crazy I will exude. Mission accomplished?


AK said...

I'm with Bill on this one, its way too early for that kind of collar...

Lisa Chow said...

WHY ALBERT?! WHY!?!?!??!

Kristin M. said...

I love that you sketch your Christmas decor... wondrous! And Bill just wants more collars, I'm sure!

Lisa Chow said...

Hi Kristin! I think you're onto something. That Bill...he just wants the flashier collar!