November 25, 2010


As I sit here on Thanksgiving Day, during the lull that exists after the pumpkin cupcakes and white chocolate cranberry cookies have been baked but before the feasting and gorging begins at the family turkeython, I would like to send a little gratitude and thanks to all those who support my art.

White chocolate cranberry cookies!!! The pumpkin cupcakes are still waiting for their cream cheese topping and feel a little camera shy...seeing as how they're currently topless; it's understandable.

I have much to be thankful for this year*, but to stay art relevant, I would like to say without the support, enthusiasm, encouragement, motivation and inspiration of all you wonderful people, I would have succumbed to the naysayers** long ago. Without art, maybe I'd be better at my daytime desk job, but my little brain would implode in a spectrum of pigment and glitter.

Case in point: the lovely Brazilian Priscila who bravely selected my art to don her torso...FOREVER. I was FLOORED when I first received Priscila's email. And I believe my first words upon seeing her photo were: "HOLY SHIT." After the initial shock [I never dreamt the tattoo would be so large], I felt completely honored and humbled that my work connected with Priscila on such a personal and intimate level.

So, to keep this relatively short and sweet, thank you for helping this little budding artist...

Out of the blue...and from a complete stranger...I received an email with the above image attached to it. Apparently, the stranger had visited Houston back in the 80's and visited a friend of a friend's. During that visit, a little girl drew him this picture. Twenty-some-odd years later, the stranger found this drawing among his files and decided to Google this "Lisa Chow". Lo and behold, that Lisa Chow is me. All these years and I'm reunited with one of my earliest works. Funny how the universe works. =)

stay on the right track.***

*Husband, cat, Christmas music, run on sentences and peppermint mocha lattes just to name a few.
**The naysayers who tell me putting so much effort and energy into art is an impractical waste of my time. The naysayers who tell me art should be a hobby. The naysayers who advise me to be happy with 'enough'. To you, naysayers, I say...nay.
***This post's photo captions are epically long. But if you're like me, you love captions. Captions and footnotes.
****More footnotes for ya. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Kristin M. said...

You art and your blog are wonderful, keep it up! :)

Lisa Chow said...

Thanks Kristin! Hope you're feeling as disgustingly fat and full as I am today! =)