November 11, 2010



Last year was my very first year participating in Spacetaker's WHAM and needless to say, I had a frickin blast. Some fond memories of last year's events:

1. Andrew bringing me muffins and coffee. Show setups always leave me frazzled. In the frenzy of making sure all my products look nice, my sales recording apparatus are in order and my personal appearance doesn't frighten small children, I often forget breakfast. And because breakfast is the food of champions. Blueberry muffins and peppermint mocha lattes* are the breakfast items of choice for this champion.

2. Friends stopping by and "browsing" the table to lure in real customers. It's a little marketing tactic I picked up from The Simpsons. I have wonderful friends. My back pocket grifters.

3. Being RIGHT NEXT to the bar...but also right in front of the restrooms. Ew.

4. Overly enthusiastic girl who loved my necklaces. I think I sold her the necklace off my neck. She needed to have it. I wanted her to have it. It belonged with her. Plus, I was afraid of her crazy eyed retaliation.

5. Drunk guy who loved my work. He actually fawned. Flattery will get you everywhere. And then he turned around, saw the Green Mountain Energy** tent and started yelling and shouting obscenities. I'm not really sure what drunk guy had against renewable sources of energy, but let's just say the end of the night on day three of marketing festivities...this artist found it HILARIOUS. I love you drunk guy. Please return. I will reward you with a free print of your choice. If you make a spectacle, I will throw in a Christmas card.

I can't wait to see what awesome shenanigans and tomfoolery are in store for this year's market. Until then, this little elf will be slaving away in her workshop churning out print after print after print after....SQUIRREL!***

*Sugar overload = a productive artist
**Although I will admit, Green Mountain's marketing efforts can be quite annoying. Why are they EVERYWHERE? And constantly in my face?! And trying to make me feel bad about being a poor artist who can't afford to use their environmentally friendly but monetarily inflated services?!?!?
***Doug...dug...I geeet it.


AK said...

Ooooh, and I'm in town that day, wonder how drunk I have to get to score a free print...

Lisa Chow said...