December 6, 2010


Pants don't get enough love. Haven't you noticed how everyone is suddenly very anti-pants? When did hating pants become a thing?

I personally love pants. Pants are extremely functional. There's a pant for every purpose.
I have work pants. I have eating pants. I have stretchy pants. I have skinny pants. I have yoga pants. And then I have...painting pants.

Can't Sleep, Clouds Will Eat Me

What are painting pants? They are a very old, worn, paint splattered pair of faded khaki cargo pants. I love my painting pants. The hems are frayed and the seams are one rub away from holing and I will cry when they finally meet their demise.

Yes, this drawing is also on one of my recently submitted skateboards. Which one came first? The paper or the board?

When I'm in my painting pants, I mean business. I feel like an artist. My pants make me legit. Nevermind the paint splatters actually came from painting my living room walls* and not actual arting; my pants won't tell. In my pants, I imagine I look like an artist who has been spending hours upon hours in her studio and only just emerged and in her haste, couldn't be bothered to change into clean pedestrian clothes. At least that's what I'd like to think. **

I butchershopped this image together from multiple scans. The drawing is just too big for my pathetically average sized scanner. My drawing is too big. My DRAWING is too BIG! I am a banana!

Pants. They're the new iPhone.***

*Living room walls that were suppose to be a subtle light grey. Living room walls that are actually a clear sky blue. You would think an artist would know better than to not sample paint. You would think. But, you would be wrong.
**This pants post was inspired by my late, late night of skateboard painting this past weekend. In my sleep deprived, delusional state, I absentmindedly wiped my painty hands on...NOT MY PAINTING PANTS. Thus, creating a new pair of painting pants. I'm starting to have quite a collection of accidental painting pants. Woops.
***No, I don't know what that means.


grrfeisty said...

my artist friend has painting clothes...lots of them. i think it's accidental. haha :)
btw i'm roxy from etsy houston -
we met this weekend. :)

AK said...

if pants are the new iPhone, wouldn't that make no-pants the vastly superior Android phone?

Lisa Chow said...

Hi Roxy!

I want an XXL button down shirt to wear backwards while I the 'smocks' they gave us in elementary school art class.