December 31, 2011

Hello 2012!

2011 was a good egg. It was filled with exciting new opportunities and challenging adventures. But a new year brings new grounds to play in. =)

So in a feeble attempt to ensure 2012 is even better than the previous one, I'm going to do what I do best: make lists.

Lisa's 2012 Resolutions

Secure a solo exhibition in an art gallery/venue
Sell my prints in a store in NYC
Take real days off
Visit a gallery/museum twice a month
Cozy up my studio space

Bake macarons
Eat Laduree macarons when in NYC
Bake streuselschneke
Get a tattoo
Spruce up the house
Perform one random act of kindness a month
Read a book a month

That's it for now. I may be adding resolutions as I think of them......but I most likely won't.

I gotta keep it real. And attainable. (for the most part)

So long 2011! HELLO 2012!!!

December 19, 2011


Ever experienced senioritis*? Well, I've got Christmasitis**. Today was a total wash. I did nothing.

But then my lazy butt felt too lazy and decided to tackle the dreaded...artist statement.

Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson - Genius

Yeeuuupp, that's about right.

*The utter lack of motivation one feels as a high school/college/old-aged senior because you know the end is near.
**The utter lack of motivation to do anything other than drink hot cocoa, munch sugar cookies, bake pies and watch Christmas movies because you know the end is near.

December 15, 2011

If the Art Store was High School

This post will likely make no sense. I am merely procrastinating because I don't feel like drawing or painting or wrapping the mountain of presents I have waiting for me.

If Art Supplies Were High School Stereotypes*

Graphite - Emos. After long sessions laboring over their meticulous and delicate shading, they discover the soft grey dust is now smeared all over their fingertips and clothing. They ponder. Then they cry. Why, cruel world? WHY?!
Pens - Nerds. Can be found heatedly debating the merits of ballpoint versus gel. Can only agree on the necessity of pocket protectors.
Ink/Fountain Pen - Hipsters. Fountain pens are so throwback. And anything throwback is good. Technology be damned.
Markers - Lisa Frank wannabes. Their favorite color is rainbow. Favorite element is glitter. Favorite animal is unicorn. And favorite word...sparklelicious.
Spray Paint - Badass, cool guys. They wear pants slung so low they defy gravity. They inhale each other for a good time. They wear their street painting clothes as a badge of honor. They also live in cardboard boxes. The most badassedly tagged cardboard boxes.
Acrylic - Idiots.
Watercolors - Hippies. Girls named Sunshine and Rain. Boys named Simon and Garfunkel. They love sepia tones and Instagram and anything else wishy-washy-fadey. Ironically, they don't wash their hair.
Crayons - Infants.
Pastels - Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Get off the bus and walk home.
Oil Paints - Cool kids. Everyone wants in but most are intimidated. Also known as the untouchables. Because they cost so damn much.
Colored Pencils - Social climbers. Just a hop and a skip away from any of the other groups. If only they could decide which one, they'd be gellin like Magellan.
And as you can see...I use a little bit of everything. I don't know what that makes me. Oh, but I don't use pastels. You weirdos.

*Disclaimer. These are all merely my own personal observations and opinions...which apparently everyone is entitled there. Please do not feel offended or rejected or angry. I can't help it if you are a loser medium. Go sit in time out and keep eating that paste.
**Disclaimer Part Deux. This is obviously in jest. =D Merry Christmas!

December 11, 2011

Repeatedly Inquired Queries

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of art showing and art marketing and art fairing. And amidst all the hustle and bustle, I noticed I kept getting asked the same questions over and over again. So, in an attempt to answer some of those seemingly frequently asked questions, I have decided to compile a little frequently...asked....questions.....list of....FAQs.....

Lisa's List of Questions that Pop Up Time and Time Again

When did you first start to draw?
I love this question. I really do. It's because this question pops up in every interview I've ever read about any artist. And the answer is always the same. Just about every artist will tell you they started drawing as soon as they developed the motor skills to grab a crayon. But...isn't that true for...everyone? Every booger picking* kid loves to draw. The only difference between an adult artist and an adult non-artist is the artist never stopped drawing. BUT. If you're really asking when did I first take my art seriously? About 3 years ago. Around 2008. I'm a late bloomer.

What is your process? Lots of sketching.

Where do you get your ideas?
I am heavily influenced by children's stories, fairy tales, crowded cities, fuzzy animals and shiny things. However, I have found inspiration in obvious places (visiting galleries/flipping through art books) and less than obvious places (shape of a car/looking at things while squinting). You'd be surprised by what you see if you really take the time to look. As for the actual drawn images and concepts? I have no idea. The best I can explain it is...they come as flashes/glimpses and I just try my best to capture that image/feeling. I am lucky to have a very strange imagination.

Why houses and buildings?
I love cities, I love buildings and I love the romantic/nostalgic feelings we have towards our homes. I like to think the homes in my drawings help connect and draw out warm/fuzzy feelings. I like to imagine the stories and secrets the walls of a building could tell. But I draw buildings also because of what I don't draw: people. I don't like drawing people. So my buildings become my own little world of characters.

Are you an architect?
Nope. I can see why you'd ask. But nope.

More sketching and fine tuning.

Did you study art in school?
Nope. I have love/hate feelings about art school.
Love: I'm sure if I ever went to art school, I would be exposed to a bunch more mediums and techniques, I would actually have some art history knowledge and I'd have a better art people network.
Hate: I don't really believe art is something to be taught. I don't like being told how to do something and the right/wrong way to do it. I'm stubborn and I learn best from making my own mistakes.

Do you do this full time?
As of January 15, 2011, I proudly/timidly call myself a full-time artist.

And even more sketching. The back of my door is the best large-scale sketching spot. :)

You exist?!
My absolute favorite question EVER. And...actually...only asked once. But it made me feel all special and unique like a unicorn or a pixie or a pocketcat or a narwhal**.

*Or booger eating. Am I alone in this? Salty. Like Play-Doh. The more you know. =)
**Narwhals apparently...EXIST?!?!!??!!?

November 30, 2011


Let's quickly recap what I've been up to...

November 18-20: WHAM! Or, Spacetaker's Winter Holiday Art Market held at Winter Street Studios.

Favorite moments:
  • A psychology student trying to psychoanalyze me by way of my art. "Well, there's a lot of beige in your work...." o.O
  • Witnessing a troop of kids' mouths turn blue from the free blueberry candy canes given anonymous artist.
No, there is no candy dish filled with blue candy canes.
  • Scoring this awesomely awesome cuff FO FREE from table neighbor, Hello-Lucky.

November 24: Thanksgiving yo!

Favorite moments:
  • Eating.
FYI, I am an amazing cookie baker. Just sayin.

November 26-27: Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Austin

Favorite moments:
  • Stopping for kolaches on the road trip there AND back.
Sausage and pan sausage are your friends. Ham is not.
  • Vendor neighbors rallying to help this solo-travelling artist pitch up her tent. Felt like a good old fashioned barn raising. =)
  • Geeking out while meeting Graham Franciose and then sharing too much info while trying to pick out what I wanted to buy. "...and I gotta have this cat one cause I'm kind of a crazy cat lady..."
  • Trading with fellow artists and craftspeople; it's like getting FREE STUFF!
The prettiest sparkly headband from Heart Felt and the most beautifully packaged soap from Old Factory Soap Company.
  • This.

So, that's what I've been up to. How bout yourself?

November 20, 2011


I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

November 15, 2011


Dancing Santas have been gracing store shelves for months, streets have been lined with twinkling trees for weeks and holiday music is now wafting through every retail speaker system; a lot of people can't stand how Christmas is being shoved down our throats earlier and earlier each year. However. I am not one of those people. So please bear with me while I get CHRISTMAS STUPIDLY EXCITED!!!

This is the art market I look forward to all year. Spacetaker always puts on a great party full of food, drinks, music and fantastically curated local art. I'll be bringing my A game with tons of prints, a handful of originals, cards, necklaces and a few surprises. Don't miss it!!!
Be part of the very first ever Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Austin! Renegade not only curates the hippest indie arts and crafts but they also know how to entertain. There's going to be a photobooth, craft station and much more. I'll be bringing my A game...again. Check it out!!!

That's it for now. So lace up those sneakers, throw a few power bars into your pockets and get a head start on your holiday shopping...cause, you know, Christmas is only 40 days away!!!

October 27, 2011


This past summer was insane. Madness, I tell ya! After my very first out-of-state art market, a subsequent huge wholesale order*, my very first solo exhibit and a still-top-secret-super-exciting-project-I-can't-wait-to-tell-you among other things, this artist needed a little TLC...

...and she found it in....AUSTRIA und GERMANY!!!

Austria and Germany were never on my list of must visit places but...when they're on the husband's bucket list...and when said husband has done all the planning...who am I to complain. Wooo travels!

First stop: Vienna
The land of music, Mozart and most importantly, the sachertorte.

But, even MORE importantly, the land of katzenzungen; chocolates shaped like a cat's tongue. Why? I have no idea. But I do know this: I love it. I love it so bad.

And while in Vienna, I stumbled upon the cutest little chocolate shop-patisserie-coffee shop-cafe ever: Demel. Everything was so heartbreakingly beautiful; from the decor to the desserts to the packaging. I could have sat there and sucked in inspiration for hours. Literally.**

Then it was off to Germany! Hello Berlin!

There were many, many, many museum visits on our trip but one of my favorite was the Bauhaus Archive Museum. The museum presented not only the Bauhaus history and designs but also the school's courses, assignments and studies. I think I found it so fascinating because I've never attended art school and I felt like I got a glimpse into what it would be like.

And of course, I could not NOT take advantage of this beautiful night at the Brandenburg Gate to play with panoramic photos.

Next up, Munich!

When in the land of Oktoberfest and biergartens, do as the locals do: double fist it with beer and pretzels yall!***

Now, onto some little no man's land Andrew dragged me to because of their car museums...I mean...Stuttgart.

At least I found art inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: this porky Porsche.

Next...hallo Frankfurt! I have no pictures. We ate Chinese food. We turned the wrong corner and found ourselves in the land of "Eros" clubs. Use your imagination. Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt!

Finally, the culmination of our trip...the husband's mecca...the Nurburgring.

Apparently, the Nurburgring is a race track; a legendary, highly difficult and extremely dangerous race track. And apparently, this race track is open to the public on certain days. And apparently, there is no speed limit. And apparently, any vehicle from buses to modified racing cars can simultaneously drive on this race track. And apparently, I was strapped in as passenger while the husband took his turns on this track.

I almost lost my lunch.

Hope you enjoyed this condensed recap of my little time away. And I hope to see you soon as I ramp up for another busy month. Eek!

*I am proud to say that Lisa Chow has officially infiltrated the west coast. Ok, maybe just the San Francisco area. But I am now in NINE California retail locations!!! NINE!!!
**I had my very first latte of the trip in Demel and quickly learned when you ask for skim or soy milk, you get shot down. Whole milk...or creme...for you missy. And forget about Splenda, Equal, raw sugar, simple syrup or any other sugar substitute. You're gonna take regular sugar and you're gonna like it.
***I'm actually drinking a Radler. Or, as I like to call it: a beer Sprite spritzer. Yeah...I still didn't like it. What can I say, I'm not an alcohol fan. I'll take a latte or milkshake over wine and cocktails any day.

October 13, 2011

November Madness

November's gonna be crazy, yall.

This blog will probably be seriously neglected because of the following:

Saturday, November 5
10AM - 2PM
Heights Theater
339 W. 19th Street
Houston, Texas 77008

Studio Party/Opening!!!
Saturday, November 12
2PM - 5PM
Winter Street Studios
Studio 28c
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Texas 77008

Friday, November 18, 6PM - 10PM
Saturday, November 19, 11AM - 8PM
Sunday, November 20, 11AM - 4PM
Winter Street Studios
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Texas 77008

Saturday, November 26-27, 11AM - 6PM
Palmer Events Center
900 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78704

As you can see, every single weekend in November is booked. So, LOTS of opportunities to see what I'm up to, to get your holiday art shopping* in and to see my lovely mug. =P

BUT. Then Lisa's taking December off to frolic in the slush**, to plan her diabolical takeover in 2012***, to pack on the holiday pounds and to get Christmas wasted****.

*I'm debuting quite a few new things for this holiday season so...get yo shop on.
**Slush is the best we can hope for in Houston. To wish for snow is just plain greedy.
***Little do you know the 2012 doomsday warnings are about ME.
****You don't understand how excited I get for Christmas. It's insane. I had 4 trees last year. I wonder how I'll one up myself this year.

October 3, 2011

60 Days

Finally, the big day came: my first solo exhibit.

Exhibit to remain on display through the month of October so go check it out at Space Montrose!!!

I can't really pinpoint the exact time and reason why I chose to challenge myself to 60 days of nonstop drawing but I definitely thought it would be easier than it was. There were great days when the inspiration was flowing and then there were terrible, horrible, crap days*.

Anyways, the exhibit opening was exactly what I wanted it to be: a party.

We had art. We had an awesome playlist. We had an amazing band. We had delicious cupcakes. And we had a fantastic turnout.**

A girl could not ask for more. =)

We even had a super fan. Super fan showed up early and stayed awkwardly late. Super fan kept creeping all night taking videos and snapping candid photos. Super fan even made off with half a dozen cupcakes at the end of the night.

If you run into this Super fan...well, consider yourself warned...

Meet Momma Chow.

Dun dun DUN.

*Leave it to my friends to create a game where the goal is to guess which drawing was my least inspired and most crap. With friends like that...
**Unfortunately, we also have limited photos. I was too busy chatting, mingling and cupcake hoarding to remember my camera. These photos are courtesy of my super fan.