January 25, 2011

Good Riddance

As some of you know...and as many of you may have guessed...I have done the unthinkable in a time and economy like ours.

I have quit my job.

FREEEEEDOMMMMM!!!!!! And it tastes so sweet.

Against all parental advice, my own rational judgement, sound reason and sheer common sense, I have chosen to walk away from my five year stint as an IT analyst*. And while I have been relishing my new occupational freedom, now that I've had a week to digest and assess my professional situation, there are a few things I do miss about the old 9 to 5:

1. Daily social interactions: Working for myself by myself is a lonely profession. And as much as I try, Bill just isn't much of a conversationalist. As a matter of fact, I have learned he spends most of his daytime hours sleeping in the big people bed, basking in warm sun spots and DRINKING TOILET WATER.

This is the face of a dirty toilet bowl water drinker. For shame.

2. Office gossip: Who's secretly dating whom? She did what to get where she is? How do you know his personal life is in the crapper? Who's pregnant!? Who's getting married?! YOU SAW WHO WEARING A MUSCLE SHIRT AND SPANDEX SHORTS AND DOING SQUATS AT THE GYM?!

3. Free Keurig coffee: I don't have a coffee maker and all instant coffee** mixes I've tried have tasted like swill. SWILL!

New toy. New drawing.

4. Corporate credit card: Even though my purchases had to be job relevant, I loved spending money knowing the bill wasn't coming to me. And the few times I got to travel and eat on the company dime? Fan-freakin-tastic. Somewhere out there is an expense report with Sprinkles cupcakes, bubble tea and P.F. Chang's*** on it.

5. Covered parking: At home, my poor car is forced to squat in a dirt driveway. It's only protection from the elements being a few far reaching branches which are the popular haunt of a few poop filled birds and a handful of nut throwing squirrels.

"When it Pours"

And of course, I miss a few of the good coworkers****.

Oh, and I suppose I miss financial stability, paid vacation days, retirement plans, health benefits, actually making use of my hard earned degree........

*I know. IT? As in information technology, Lisa? Say whaaaaat??? Yeah, I have no idea how I found myself analyzing code, drafting technical specs, monitoring transactions, implementing applications, introducing knowledge management changes, blah blah blah ohmygod I just bored myself to death.
**Quite interested in this new Starbucks VIA stuff. Any good? And yeah yeah, I know...big corporate blah blah blah. Well, show me an independent coffee brewer making instant coffee and I'll bite.
***I was working in Dallas on a Friday night and decided takeout Chinese, bad TV and fluffy hotel down pillows sounded like a fine way to spend the evening. I arrived at P.F. Chang's and was directed to place my takeout order at the bar full of cozy couples and rowdy happy hourers. When my crab rangoon and dan dan noodles arrived, the waitress inquired, "Do you need silverware?" My response, "Yes.......TWO!!!" I lied.
****Not YOU, Amy Bitchguli. Oh yeah. I went there..................cowardly and passive aggresively on a blog.


Melissa said...

Congrats Lisa! It is a huge step but you are going to love it. When I quit my "traditional" real estate job it took me about 6 months to get used to it. Now I CAN NOT imagine ever working for someone again. I am excited for you.

AK said...

We all drink toilet water if you think about it!

Lisa Chow said...

Melissa - Thanks!!! It's really encouraging to hear from someone else who took a leap. =)

Albert - I'll have you know I drink Brita filtered toilet water. Recognize.

amanda said...

i agree with melissa- i quit my job in march to focus on my business, and it wasn't until october or so that i didn't feel like puking all.the.time.
i found your blog after purchasing one of your pieces at renegade in austin last fall. you have a great body of work and, from what i've read, an honest attitude about it. i think you'll be just fine, especially after the pukies go away!

Kristin M. said...

So exciting!! Cats are for sure the best employees with their assortment of valuable skills. So thrilled for you, and how wonderful that you now get to devote all your time to something you love. When I miss working in a place with human coworkers, I remember the terrible feeling of languishing in front of a computer inside a fluorescently gray death cave office, bleh! Happy self-employment!!

Lisa Chow said...

Again, thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. It's people like you guys who remind me I'm doing the right thing on those pukey days. =)

.teo said...

Seriously? P.F.Changs?