February 21, 2011


Saturday was a fantastic day. Let me count the ways*...

1. Beautiful weather. In Houston, that is a big deal.
2. Fantastic morning yoga class. Plus, some fantastic yoga news**.

A few of my favorite yoginis.

3. Snagging the last cranberry orange muffin.
4. Perfectly sweet iced latte.

New works on display at Hello-Lucky

5. Afternoon arting.
6. Evening art opening. Thanks to every single person who came out!

On display at Hello-Lucky through March 26

7. Chocolate coins.

I really, really love my kaleidoscope.

8. Friends who happy.
9. Thai food. Family style. There is no other way.

Houston posse.

10. And capping it all off with CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE! RAWR!***

*I rhyme sublime. Perhaps, in time. I'll...eat a lime and...learn to mime?
**Little known Lisa fact: I moonlight as a yoga instructor aaaand I am officially teaching a regular class again!
***Rawring is the only way to eat cake.

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