February 6, 2011


Despite The Great Houston Icemageddon of 2011, I traversed* slushy roads alongside Super Bowl bound revelers, to arrive in Dallas for the Strangely Sweet show at We Are 1976.

My chauffeur.

Even though I knew from stalking their website that We Are 1976 is an amazing store...I didn't know just how amazing until I finally made my way there. What kidrobot is in New York...Domy Books is in Houston...We Are 1976 is in Dallas.

My DFW posse. Thank you, guys!!!

And I was so incredibly honored to have been art showing alongside established Dallas artist, Jason Cohen.

Jason really knows how to put on a show.

After all the wine had been drunk, shrimp chips eaten and Love Letter cookies snatched one by one by an unnamed artist who may or may not have then hidden in a corner to gobble them up, it was time for this weary traveler to call it a night.

And how does any self respecting artist end an exhilarating night of artistdom...artisthood...artistwhoring?

It's a glamorous life.

In her hotel room...by 11pm...still fully dressed...with an Oreo** McFlurry. Mmm mmm art.

*Ok, husband traversed the slick roads while I mouth breathe slept.
**Butterfinger would've been better.

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