March 28, 2011

Hater Recap


Jessica Rice

Michael C. Rodriguez

Matt Messinger

Me again

Clearly, I did not get the memo that we could paint on the walls. Doh.*

*I WILL find another wall. Volunteers?
**I'm missing photos of Veronica Ramos' and Matthew Oberpriller's work. But trust me...equally fantastic. Check it out at Spacetaker (2101 Winter Street, Studio B11, Houston, TX 77007). Up till April 8.

March 23, 2011

Hate is Great

I'll have some new pieces up (yay me). And who could hate a magazine named Hater?

Sounds like a good time full of music and free booze. So be there or be...hated?*


March 15, 2011


I have often toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo.**

A few reasons have stopped me thus far:

1. Unsure what to get.
2. Unsure where to get it.
3. Unsure who to go to.
4. Unsure how high my pain tolerance is.***
5. Unsure of being unsure.

But one very big reason keeps egging me on to get some ink:

1. To one day hear, "Grandma has a tattoo?! Ewwwwwwwww...."

And that is why, I have to send huge kudos to the two brave souls who not only knew their answers to all the questions I keep posing to myself, but who also chose MY ART to have permanently etched onto their bodies.

You ladies are either extremely brave or ferociously insane.

I like to think you're bravely insane. =)

And in less permanent style, I executed my very first body painting request.

While belly painting was a very neato first was also very strange and verged on uncomfortable****. I do not foresee a lot of body painting in my future.

*No. Not, that crappy MTV show. Complete and udder crap. I want to punch each and every single character.
**If you are in any way related to didn't just read that. Tattoo is code word for...frozen yogurt. Yeah... I want fro yo so bad.
***For fro yo headaches.
****But I was happy to do it for you, unnamed anonymous painting subject!!!

March 9, 2011

I'm a Carny.

And you are all rubes*.

Current happenings: Artwork up at Waldo's through March

During the jumps, I plan and create.

Then the big day comes and I arrive at the lot to find the roustabouts scrambling around to pitch the big tops.

I may ask a family member or friend to play the shill.

I throw a straight game.

Then it's time to slough and ride the next jump.

{This is a long winded, convoluted** way of announcing the Second Saturdays Craftacular that I'll be participating in this Saturday at 1028 Studewood, Houston, TX 77008. 11AM - 3PM. Be there. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have homebaked chocolate chip cookies***.}

*I have been reading Water for Elephants (fantastic, by the way) and apparently, circus slang has invaded my mind. And apparently, I can butcher circus slang like none other...hold on to your hats!
**But really...the whole art market process has a certain traveling circus magical quality to it doesn't it?
***I don't really think you're rubes. And I don't really have shills...except for the few times a certain unnamed individual may have stood by my work professing their love for it a little too loudly. Certain unnamed individuals who have a penchant for chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies during CHRIStmas, perhaps? Hmmm????

March 3, 2011


1. I was a booger eater...and I tried Play-Doh* once.
2. I snore. Loudly.

I paid to watch the Rockcats. Does this make me a crazy cat lady?

3. I hated my name as a child. I wanted to be called Amy**.
4. Sometimes, I drive by my old office just to laugh.

To be fair...all proceeds went to charity. Eh? =)

5. I still don't feel like a real artist***.
6. I used to blog at work. Now that my working hours are spent drawing and painting; there's little time left for blogging. So, please pardon my blog suckiness.

*Which oddly tastes a lot like boogers.
**I subsequently acquired an Aunt Amy and a bridesmaid Amy so any future name changes are out.
***When asked what I do for a living, I stare meekly at my shoes and mutter something about painting. I need conviction. I need my "Aha!" moment.