March 3, 2011


1. I was a booger eater...and I tried Play-Doh* once.
2. I snore. Loudly.

I paid to watch the Rockcats. Does this make me a crazy cat lady?

3. I hated my name as a child. I wanted to be called Amy**.
4. Sometimes, I drive by my old office just to laugh.

To be fair...all proceeds went to charity. Eh? =)

5. I still don't feel like a real artist***.
6. I used to blog at work. Now that my working hours are spent drawing and painting; there's little time left for blogging. So, please pardon my blog suckiness.

*Which oddly tastes a lot like boogers.
**I subsequently acquired an Aunt Amy and a bridesmaid Amy so any future name changes are out.
***When asked what I do for a living, I stare meekly at my shoes and mutter something about painting. I need conviction. I need my "Aha!" moment.

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