March 9, 2011

I'm a Carny.

And you are all rubes*.

Current happenings: Artwork up at Waldo's through March

During the jumps, I plan and create.

Then the big day comes and I arrive at the lot to find the roustabouts scrambling around to pitch the big tops.

I may ask a family member or friend to play the shill.

I throw a straight game.

Then it's time to slough and ride the next jump.

{This is a long winded, convoluted** way of announcing the Second Saturdays Craftacular that I'll be participating in this Saturday at 1028 Studewood, Houston, TX 77008. 11AM - 3PM. Be there. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have homebaked chocolate chip cookies***.}

*I have been reading Water for Elephants (fantastic, by the way) and apparently, circus slang has invaded my mind. And apparently, I can butcher circus slang like none other...hold on to your hats!
**But really...the whole art market process has a certain traveling circus magical quality to it doesn't it?
***I don't really think you're rubes. And I don't really have shills...except for the few times a certain unnamed individual may have stood by my work professing their love for it a little too loudly. Certain unnamed individuals who have a penchant for chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies during CHRIStmas, perhaps? Hmmm????

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