March 15, 2011


I have often toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo.**

A few reasons have stopped me thus far:

1. Unsure what to get.
2. Unsure where to get it.
3. Unsure who to go to.
4. Unsure how high my pain tolerance is.***
5. Unsure of being unsure.

But one very big reason keeps egging me on to get some ink:

1. To one day hear, "Grandma has a tattoo?! Ewwwwwwwww...."

And that is why, I have to send huge kudos to the two brave souls who not only knew their answers to all the questions I keep posing to myself, but who also chose MY ART to have permanently etched onto their bodies.

You ladies are either extremely brave or ferociously insane.

I like to think you're bravely insane. =)

And in less permanent style, I executed my very first body painting request.

While belly painting was a very neato first was also very strange and verged on uncomfortable****. I do not foresee a lot of body painting in my future.

*No. Not, that crappy MTV show. Complete and udder crap. I want to punch each and every single character.
**If you are in any way related to didn't just read that. Tattoo is code word for...frozen yogurt. Yeah... I want fro yo so bad.
***For fro yo headaches.
****But I was happy to do it for you, unnamed anonymous painting subject!!!


Melissa said...

go for it lisa, grandchildren... do you really care? you'll be too old to care! : )

Lisa Chow said...

I wanna be one badass grandma!