April 19, 2011

I Love Sketchbook

Sometimes, I find I like my sketches more than the final finished product. Sketches capture the magic of inspiration just as it happens...[to sound very snotty-art-snobby for a moment]...sketches are more raw.

This sketch probably took me less than 3 minutes to scratch out while the image was still fresh in my head. The quality is obviously lacking. But...and maybe it's just me because it's my sketch...it feels more free.

Sketching with highlighters and markers*.

And while I love the more detailed, polished look of the final image; it looks almost too controlled and tight**.

"Mass Exodus"

But, not all sketches are created equal.

House inspired by San Francisco's "Painted Ladies", Full House and Tam.

Sometimes, sketches need way more refining before it can be presentable.


So, in conclusion, I really don't know what my point is. But I hope you enjoyed flipping through my virtual sketchbook! =D

Oh, and in other non-interesting news, I realized I draw like I eat my sandwiches***; from the outside in.

*I hear highlighters and markers are what tattoo artists use to sketch on your skin. [foreshadowing]
**That's what she said? Fail.
***Sandwiches are my favorite food. Next to desserts.

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