May 24, 2011

We came. We saw. We CONQUERED.

Sort of.

Renegade Austin was every bit as amazingly fun as I thought it would be. If you managed to swing by, this is what you would have found:

1. I loved the ribbons I used to spruce up my tent. Next time, MORE RIBBONS. Added bonus, during the multiple times I found myself lost in the sea of booths and tents, all I had to do was look for the fluorescent ribbons to guide me home.
2. Not to pat myself on the back again...but I will anyways. I am digging my clothesline display. Finally, I figured out an easy way to display all my prints all at once.
3. You do not understand how much this crooked tablecloth bothered me all weekend. By the time I noticed it, it was too late and I was too lazy to correct. A weekend spent fuming > lifting a few display boxes to rectify* the situation.
4. Brand spankin new t-shirts. I may need to incorporate more screenprinted items in the near future.
5. And this, ladies and gents, is where my mug spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday...looking forlornly for husband to return with coffee and nourishment.

I had a great time and I hope everyone who stopped by did too. I'm hoping to be back for the Renegade Austin holiday show aannnnd I just submitted my application for Renegade Chicago. [fingers crossed]

A few highlights from the weekend:
1. Robot dancing with kid who loved my robot paper house.
2. Stuffing face at some of Austin's finest trailers.
3. Discovering mint green nail polish club that I am unknowingly a member of.

*I have ALWAYS loved the word 'rectify'. You wanna guess why? Rectify. RECT-ify. [giggle]
**No, seriously. It has been decided that I, Lisa Chow, am master of eating ridiculously big ice cream sandwiches. The loss of cookie crumbs and melty ice cream drops were exceedingly minimal considering the temperature and humidity.

May 17, 2011

The Fat Lady Sang

...and she did not sing for me.

BUT, not to be deterred, Lisa is keeping busy and moving on.

First up: Feverishly working to print, package, pack and panic* for this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair in my alma mater town of Austin, Texas. I am ridiculously excited for this event. I find myself constantly daydreaming about the fabulous new things I'll buy, all the glorious trailer food I'll eat, the delicious sleep I'll grab in the car while my minion...err, husband...drives my carriage AND all the rain making** I'll be doing once my items surge in demand.

If you're in Austin (and even if you're not), you should definitely come. I'll have new stuff. Are you enticed, yet?

Also keeping me busy: Putting together my installation at Space, a cool exhibition style retail space. I'm pretty excited about this little project because for the very first time, a store gave me free reign to design how my items would be displayed. And I must say...I'm good...and it looks fantastic.

Note my hot pink price tags match perfectly with the hot pink overhead lights? Pretty clever if intentional, huh? Unfortunately, it was coincidental.

And finally, just because I've had these progress photos of my custom Munny lurking around my camera for a while now, I figured I'd waste some more Blogger space and some more of your time by posting them here.




*How's that for alliteration? Mild mannered my moustache. I did it again! =D
**Making it rain? Get it? Geeeet it? I can't pull that off can I?

May 9, 2011


I'm that girl. The one picked last in gym class*. The one who ran for class Historian because no one else did**. The one once described as "mild mannered" by her English teacher***.

And now, that girl is competing head on with 4 other artists to secure a spot in the upcoming Neopopstreetfunk 3 art gallery show. And that girl wants it. She wants it so bad.

Strike the competition! (Number 11 of the 40 drawings I challenged myself to complete.)

BUT, I'm going to go ahead and say it. I'm probably the underdog.

Let's count the ways:
1. I'm up against a Houston street artist (and street art is gaining HUGE popularity here).
2. Said street artist has a prominent street art FILM rallying for him. Did I mention said street artist was also mentioned IN the film?
3. Another artist has a hip Houston business rallying for him.
4. From what I can deduce, all other artists have more Facebook friends than I.

And once again, this girl is competing in a grown up popularity contest. Egad!

Uh...make the competition invisible? (A modest little commission I'm working on.)

So, what am I going to do?

I am going to call on you, fellow freaks and geeks****, to go against nature and vote for the unathletic, unpopular, quiet girl...because who else will bring you gems like a barfing Home Alone house?

Make them sick! (Number 12)

Now, to vote*****, please click the following link to "like" Neopopstreetfunk's Facebook page: here
And then, vote for me by clicking this link and "liking" my album on their page: here

Thank you fellow mouth breathers******!!!

*AFTER the new girl! C'MON!!!! I got picked after the NEW girl?!?!?!?! Insulting.
**There's no way I would've won President. Not only was I not cool enough with the cool kids, I wasn't cool enough with the nerd kids...who are the only ones who vote in school elections.
***In a recommendation letter no less!!! I believe the rest of the sentence went something like..."mild mannered, as customary in her culture..." Kids, can you say "ethnic stereotyping"?
****I have decided I am going to model my future parenting style after Freaks and Geeks' Mr. Weir. "Don't smoke pot. I had a friend who smoked pot and now he's DEAD!" "Don't stop studying. I had a cousin who stopped studying and now she's DEAD!" "Don't line your lower lash line. I had a coworker who lined her lower lash line and she EXPLODED!"
*****Only if you are voting for me. Otherwise...clicking these links will cause your computer to spontaneously implode. Kablamo! Voting ends Friday, 5/13.
******While you're at it, "like" my page will ya: here

May 5, 2011

Renegade!!!'s almost RENEGADE TIME!!! My absolute, favoritest fair that I participate in (and attend) (and shop at) (and where I ogle at others' creative geniusness).

So seriously. Be there. You'll be sorry if you miss it*.

*And when you see my photos of all the amazingness that went on without you, I will be forced to say "I told you so, big dummy."

May 2, 2011

Happy ME!

It's my party and I'll... vegan orange cranberry cookies* if I want to...

...wear narwhals** if I want to...

...poke holes in maps*** if I want to... would CAKE too if it happened to yoooouuuuu!

*My favorite vegan orange cranberry cookie from Sinfull Bakery. I'm not one to jump on the vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian/won't-eat-yummy-meaty-animal-flesh-atarian bandwagon but I'm not one to thumb my nose at it either. Especially when it's this delicious. Mmm...sweet, sweet, fake bean butter delicious.
**My new favorite necklace from the fantabulous Kristen of Frilled and Feathered. Fun as a statement piece...invaluable as an impromptu self defense weapon.
***A new map to chart where my art has travelled. I just need Asia, Africa and Antarctica...and I'll have all the continents covered. C'mon penguins!