May 2, 2011

Happy ME!

It's my party and I'll... vegan orange cranberry cookies* if I want to...

...wear narwhals** if I want to...

...poke holes in maps*** if I want to... would CAKE too if it happened to yoooouuuuu!

*My favorite vegan orange cranberry cookie from Sinfull Bakery. I'm not one to jump on the vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian/won't-eat-yummy-meaty-animal-flesh-atarian bandwagon but I'm not one to thumb my nose at it either. Especially when it's this delicious. Mmm...sweet, sweet, fake bean butter delicious.
**My new favorite necklace from the fantabulous Kristen of Frilled and Feathered. Fun as a statement piece...invaluable as an impromptu self defense weapon.
***A new map to chart where my art has travelled. I just need Asia, Africa and Antarctica...and I'll have all the continents covered. C'mon penguins!

1 comment:

AK said...

I got this hot penguin connection in the A-R-T, I'll put in some calls to get your art over there!