May 9, 2011


I'm that girl. The one picked last in gym class*. The one who ran for class Historian because no one else did**. The one once described as "mild mannered" by her English teacher***.

And now, that girl is competing head on with 4 other artists to secure a spot in the upcoming Neopopstreetfunk 3 art gallery show. And that girl wants it. She wants it so bad.

Strike the competition! (Number 11 of the 40 drawings I challenged myself to complete.)

BUT, I'm going to go ahead and say it. I'm probably the underdog.

Let's count the ways:
1. I'm up against a Houston street artist (and street art is gaining HUGE popularity here).
2. Said street artist has a prominent street art FILM rallying for him. Did I mention said street artist was also mentioned IN the film?
3. Another artist has a hip Houston business rallying for him.
4. From what I can deduce, all other artists have more Facebook friends than I.

And once again, this girl is competing in a grown up popularity contest. Egad!

Uh...make the competition invisible? (A modest little commission I'm working on.)

So, what am I going to do?

I am going to call on you, fellow freaks and geeks****, to go against nature and vote for the unathletic, unpopular, quiet girl...because who else will bring you gems like a barfing Home Alone house?

Make them sick! (Number 12)

Now, to vote*****, please click the following link to "like" Neopopstreetfunk's Facebook page: here
And then, vote for me by clicking this link and "liking" my album on their page: here

Thank you fellow mouth breathers******!!!

*AFTER the new girl! C'MON!!!! I got picked after the NEW girl?!?!?!?! Insulting.
**There's no way I would've won President. Not only was I not cool enough with the cool kids, I wasn't cool enough with the nerd kids...who are the only ones who vote in school elections.
***In a recommendation letter no less!!! I believe the rest of the sentence went something like..."mild mannered, as customary in her culture..." Kids, can you say "ethnic stereotyping"?
****I have decided I am going to model my future parenting style after Freaks and Geeks' Mr. Weir. "Don't smoke pot. I had a friend who smoked pot and now he's DEAD!" "Don't stop studying. I had a cousin who stopped studying and now she's DEAD!" "Don't line your lower lash line. I had a coworker who lined her lower lash line and she EXPLODED!"
*****Only if you are voting for me. Otherwise...clicking these links will cause your computer to spontaneously implode. Kablamo! Voting ends Friday, 5/13.
******While you're at it, "like" my page will ya: here


littlebirdbigcity said...

Good luck! I really hope you win. Viva la underdog!

Kate Minasian said...

Good luck! I voted for you!

Lisa Chow said...