May 24, 2011

We came. We saw. We CONQUERED.

Sort of.

Renegade Austin was every bit as amazingly fun as I thought it would be. If you managed to swing by, this is what you would have found:

1. I loved the ribbons I used to spruce up my tent. Next time, MORE RIBBONS. Added bonus, during the multiple times I found myself lost in the sea of booths and tents, all I had to do was look for the fluorescent ribbons to guide me home.
2. Not to pat myself on the back again...but I will anyways. I am digging my clothesline display. Finally, I figured out an easy way to display all my prints all at once.
3. You do not understand how much this crooked tablecloth bothered me all weekend. By the time I noticed it, it was too late and I was too lazy to correct. A weekend spent fuming > lifting a few display boxes to rectify* the situation.
4. Brand spankin new t-shirts. I may need to incorporate more screenprinted items in the near future.
5. And this, ladies and gents, is where my mug spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday...looking forlornly for husband to return with coffee and nourishment.

I had a great time and I hope everyone who stopped by did too. I'm hoping to be back for the Renegade Austin holiday show aannnnd I just submitted my application for Renegade Chicago. [fingers crossed]

A few highlights from the weekend:
1. Robot dancing with kid who loved my robot paper house.
2. Stuffing face at some of Austin's finest trailers.
3. Discovering mint green nail polish club that I am unknowingly a member of.

*I have ALWAYS loved the word 'rectify'. You wanna guess why? Rectify. RECT-ify. [giggle]
**No, seriously. It has been decided that I, Lisa Chow, am master of eating ridiculously big ice cream sandwiches. The loss of cookie crumbs and melty ice cream drops were exceedingly minimal considering the temperature and humidity.


Kate said...

Sweet! I hope you make it to Chicago, it would be great to meet you. Also, that ice cream sandwich looks delish.

Lisa Chow said...

I hope so too! I love Chicago!