July 19, 2011

This Blog Sucks

But I'm going to do better.

I know I've been slacking on the blogging lately...ok, for the past couple of months...OK, ever since January. And I could try insulting your intelligence by giving some lame excuse about being too busy or having writer's block or that my fingers have seized up and I'm currently suffering from a bout of triggerfingeritis*. But the truth is...I just haven't felt like writing.

One of my latest. Quite a departure from some of my previous stuff.

HOWEVER, I was browsing through some of my bookmarked artist blogs and I was reminded of why I honestly like and want to continue this blog.

Cowboys and Indians anyone?

Reasons I Blog:

1. I wanna be real. I read other artists' blogs and too many of them have a schtick. They're either I'm-so-quirky-I-live-in-the-forest-and-twirl-in-happy-sunshine hippies or I'm-so-deeply-deep-and-my-life-is-full-of-suffering-depression dramakings** or something equaling eyeball roll inducing. I write to keep it real. There have been a few times I'll start writing something and I'll think to myself, "Self. You sound like a pretentious asshole." and then I have to reevaluate. I write to let you know, there are artists out there who (try to) keep it real.
2. I want to connect with you...and not in a creepy way. I want to share with you why I paint what I paint, where my focus is taking me, what I'm learning, where I'm struggling, what I'm working on and how I'm evolving. My favorite blogs connect me to the writer. And you connecting with my art is fantastic. You connecting with my art and me...well, that's just double the pleasure.
3. I want to laugh at myself. This blog is the closest thing I have to a diary. And just like diary entries, I often read back something I had posted long ago and I cringe. "Why would I write that? Wow, talk about overshare. Your mom reads this!!!" I don't take too many things seriously and that includes myself.

"Don't Underestimate the Fat Kid"

So, I'm going to try. I can't promise how often. I can't promise it'll always be good. But I have a renewed desire to try to not have a sucky blog.

And now I'm starting to ramble...which can only mean...


Lots of new stuff in the works! Stay tuned!!!***

*Not entirely untrue. I am currently nursing carpal tunnel-like symptoms in my right wrist. Ironic that I experience repetitive wrist issues as an artist but never in my years chained to a desk and keyboard. That just goes to show you how much work I really did at my former real job.
**I don't know why girls get such a bad rep. Some of the most self involved, self victimizing, emo, whine babies I have ever met have been men.
***If you want latest updates and you aren't a Facebook fan, what are you waiting for?! Seriously, I update there way more often than here.


Anonymous said...

love the post-- i've had the same blogging 'issue' myself, just recently i've been trying to make up for it. viva the tryin' to keep it real artistas :)

Lisa Chow said...


Justine said...

I love this post. I'm guilty too of a neglected blog. I'm crap though - I actually do try come up with excuses, haha lame!

Lisa Chow said...

You lame-o! =P

marissa said...

totally love the fat kid!!! i must have!