August 26, 2011


Probably THE MOST frustrating and doubt inducing* art objective I struggle with is finding my personal artistic style. And probably THE WORST way of finding it is to look at other people's work**.

My 60 days of drawing challenge is helping me confirm what I love drawing the most.

Too many times I have found myself second guessing what I do after looking at*** too much art. Let me give you just a little taste of things I find myself thinking when I've inundated my brain with too much gallery visiting, museum hopping and internet surfing:

- I don't paint well enough.
- I don't draw realistic enough.
- Brighter colors.
- More shock value.
- Maybe I should go abstract; abstract seems to do well.
- That seems to be popular; perhaps I should go that route.
- Nothing here looks like what I do.

That. Last. Statement. That statement is the stuff of my nightmares. It is giving me premature worry lines. Yet...

That last statement is keeping me warm at night. It is giving me fuzzy feelings that maybe...just maybe...there's a special place for me yet.

Merging just about everything I love into one: homes, animals, quirk

And there are certainly days when I still question my 'style'****. But I am coming to terms that maybe...just maybe...I'm one of the lucky ones where I hit my style on the head pretty much from the get-go*****.

Buildings. Rabbits. Animals. Pretty. Subdued colors.

New oils. Same old rabbit.

So while some people stride, some people swagger and some people strut, I skip****** the beat of my own drum.

*I know I bitch and moan about a lot of things but I bet THIS is the underlying root of 80% of those other things I bitch and moan about. And 80% of the time, I'm right every time.
**But I'm NOT recommending not looking at other people's work. A smart artist is an educated artist. And an educated artist knows what's going on in the art world. I am not a smart artist. Working on it.
***And ultimately comparing myself to other artists. Comparing is a hop away from competing. And there really is no use competing in art...despite every overachieving, 3rd grade spelling bee champion, 3.9 GPA (yeah, you heard right. WHAT.), Type A fiber of my being.
****Especially on days when someone asks me, "Are you still exploring or have you settled on your look?" What do you mean SETTLED?!?!?!!
*****Before you think I have an inflated head and ego, I am CONSTANTLY learning, fine tuning, evolving and all that other good stuff a real artist is suppose to do.
******And trip over my own feet and face plant like Olivier on Project Runway. Did you see that?!?! He ate it so bad. So bad it was...AWESOME.

August 15, 2011

If You Build It

Today marks seven months since I gave corporate America the middle finger* and said "You don't own me anymore!"**.

Let's do a quick recap of the past seven***:
  • Post employment high ~fist pumps~
  • First big $ commission woohoo
  • Long spurts of doubt boohoo
  • Shown art in various shops/shows exposure!
  • Met with a gallerist and didn't get laughed at success!
  • Never heard back from gallerist reject
  • Participated in some neato arts/crafts markets cha-ching
  • Became internationally known like Will Smith...ok not quite
  • Paid myself ~cries uncontrollably~
  • Got a blurb in a magazine ~self back pats~
  • Started painting oils <3
  • Optimistic about the future =D

Needless to say, it's been a fun seven months. I still get days when I question everything I'm doing and wonder about my own sanity. But then there are great days that completely obliterate those doubtful days.


I've got some really exciting things in the works. Exciting things that tell me I'm on the right track. Exciting things that tell me to keep persisting****. Exciting things to be revealed very soon...cue...


*In the retelling of my final departure, I like to tell people that I strolled in wearing my finest bathrobe, incited a rebellion in the cafeteria, graffitied my office, left angry messages for those who sucked, kicked a computer, smashed a printer and left slow-mo walking backwards while middle finger pumping my fists in the air. Whereas, in reality, I bid everyone a cordial adieu, shook hands, patted backs, awkward hugged and smiled the entire time. I'm a weenie.
**And in doing so, I inadvertently caused myself to not own much in the near future uneducated, inexperienced artist is not very highly sought after.
***What you are about to read is the blog equivalent of a sitcom's clip show.
****Apparently, you can take the girl out of business but you can't take the business out of the girl. I think, despite all my lamentations, my business degree gives me an advantage in this crazy art world where too many talented artists rely solely on their work to speak for itself. World, meet...The Business Artist. omgoxymoronmindblown

August 3, 2011

60 Days

It is really hard to stay motivated when you work for yourself; there's no scary boss to answer to, no deadlines that need to be met, no fear of being fired. Instead, there are buckets of distractions and laziness to go around. Want some? I've got plenty to spare.


Which is why I have to constantly motivate myself with endless to-do lists and by....challenging myself to a...60 drawing-a-day exhibit.


Say what?!??!?!?!

That's right. I'm either genius or insane.


I am challenging myself to draw one drawing a day for the next 60 days. Then, on October 1st, I will either exhibit the culmination of my 60 day challenge or showcase my epic failure at Space Montrose. Either way, it's gonna be a party!

August 1, 2011

White Linen Night 2011

It's August...which can only mean one thing...

It's hot.

Oh yeah, and it's White Linen Night in the Heights again!!!

Saturday, August 6th
Sterling Bank Parking Lot @ 414 West 19th Street, Houston, TX 77008

I will have a bunch of prints, cards and new little necklaces. Be sure to stop by the artist tents! And then be sure to party hardy during this once a year neighborhood event. If last year is any indication, it's going to be one crazy night.