September 8, 2011

Party Schmarty

I love art. I appreciate art. But I couldn't claim to be an art connoisseur. I am not one of those people who can stand around pondering a piece of art for 30 minutes. I am not one of those people who can carry an elaborate intelligent conversation about art. Even when I find myself completely enamored with an exhibit, my visits are short and go like this:

  • Enter exhibit
  • Do a quick once over of all the pieces
  • Go back to the ones I especially liked for a few seconds
  • See if there’s any free food or libations I would want
  • Stand around because I feel like I shouldn't be “done” yet
  • Leave after 5 minutes

I’m sorry. It’s taboo. But. I find most art openings boring.

Which is exactly why, for my very first solo exhibition, I refuse to allow my opening be a boring one.


I am SUPER excited to reveal what I have in store for you...

  • 60 days of original drawings plus prints of said drawings
  • an awesome playlist compiled by yours truly
  • Mmm Cupcakes for all
  • home baked chocolate chip cookies (you better be early cause these babies will go fast...into my belly)
  • Winter Wallace band playing live...for two sets

It is my dream opening full of my favorite things.

So please, please, PLEASE come to my party. Consider this your very special, exclusive, VIP, personal invite. ;) See you October 1!!!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wish I could be there! Sounds like fun. :)