October 3, 2011

60 Days

Finally, the big day came: my first solo exhibit.

Exhibit to remain on display through the month of October so go check it out at Space Montrose!!!

I can't really pinpoint the exact time and reason why I chose to challenge myself to 60 days of nonstop drawing but I definitely thought it would be easier than it was. There were great days when the inspiration was flowing and then there were terrible, horrible, crap days*.

Anyways, the exhibit opening was exactly what I wanted it to be: a party.

We had art. We had an awesome playlist. We had an amazing band. We had delicious cupcakes. And we had a fantastic turnout.**

A girl could not ask for more. =)

We even had a super fan. Super fan showed up early and stayed awkwardly late. Super fan kept creeping all night taking videos and snapping candid photos. Super fan even made off with half a dozen cupcakes at the end of the night.

If you run into this Super fan...well, consider yourself warned...

Meet Momma Chow.

Dun dun DUN.

*Leave it to my friends to create a game where the goal is to guess which drawing was my least inspired and most crap. With friends like that...
**Unfortunately, we also have limited photos. I was too busy chatting, mingling and cupcake hoarding to remember my camera. These photos are courtesy of my super fan.

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