November 30, 2011


Let's quickly recap what I've been up to...

November 18-20: WHAM! Or, Spacetaker's Winter Holiday Art Market held at Winter Street Studios.

Favorite moments:
  • A psychology student trying to psychoanalyze me by way of my art. "Well, there's a lot of beige in your work...." o.O
  • Witnessing a troop of kids' mouths turn blue from the free blueberry candy canes given anonymous artist.
No, there is no candy dish filled with blue candy canes.
  • Scoring this awesomely awesome cuff FO FREE from table neighbor, Hello-Lucky.

November 24: Thanksgiving yo!

Favorite moments:
  • Eating.
FYI, I am an amazing cookie baker. Just sayin.

November 26-27: Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Austin

Favorite moments:
  • Stopping for kolaches on the road trip there AND back.
Sausage and pan sausage are your friends. Ham is not.
  • Vendor neighbors rallying to help this solo-travelling artist pitch up her tent. Felt like a good old fashioned barn raising. =)
  • Geeking out while meeting Graham Franciose and then sharing too much info while trying to pick out what I wanted to buy. "...and I gotta have this cat one cause I'm kind of a crazy cat lady..."
  • Trading with fellow artists and craftspeople; it's like getting FREE STUFF!
The prettiest sparkly headband from Heart Felt and the most beautifully packaged soap from Old Factory Soap Company.
  • This.

So, that's what I've been up to. How bout yourself?

November 20, 2011


I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

November 15, 2011


Dancing Santas have been gracing store shelves for months, streets have been lined with twinkling trees for weeks and holiday music is now wafting through every retail speaker system; a lot of people can't stand how Christmas is being shoved down our throats earlier and earlier each year. However. I am not one of those people. So please bear with me while I get CHRISTMAS STUPIDLY EXCITED!!!

This is the art market I look forward to all year. Spacetaker always puts on a great party full of food, drinks, music and fantastically curated local art. I'll be bringing my A game with tons of prints, a handful of originals, cards, necklaces and a few surprises. Don't miss it!!!
Be part of the very first ever Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Austin! Renegade not only curates the hippest indie arts and crafts but they also know how to entertain. There's going to be a photobooth, craft station and much more. I'll be bringing my A game...again. Check it out!!!

That's it for now. So lace up those sneakers, throw a few power bars into your pockets and get a head start on your holiday shopping...cause, you know, Christmas is only 40 days away!!!