November 30, 2011


Let's quickly recap what I've been up to...

November 18-20: WHAM! Or, Spacetaker's Winter Holiday Art Market held at Winter Street Studios.

Favorite moments:
  • A psychology student trying to psychoanalyze me by way of my art. "Well, there's a lot of beige in your work...." o.O
  • Witnessing a troop of kids' mouths turn blue from the free blueberry candy canes given anonymous artist.
No, there is no candy dish filled with blue candy canes.
  • Scoring this awesomely awesome cuff FO FREE from table neighbor, Hello-Lucky.

November 24: Thanksgiving yo!

Favorite moments:
  • Eating.
FYI, I am an amazing cookie baker. Just sayin.

November 26-27: Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in Austin

Favorite moments:
  • Stopping for kolaches on the road trip there AND back.
Sausage and pan sausage are your friends. Ham is not.
  • Vendor neighbors rallying to help this solo-travelling artist pitch up her tent. Felt like a good old fashioned barn raising. =)
  • Geeking out while meeting Graham Franciose and then sharing too much info while trying to pick out what I wanted to buy. "...and I gotta have this cat one cause I'm kind of a crazy cat lady..."
  • Trading with fellow artists and craftspeople; it's like getting FREE STUFF!
The prettiest sparkly headband from Heart Felt and the most beautifully packaged soap from Old Factory Soap Company.
  • This.

So, that's what I've been up to. How bout yourself?

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