January 17, 2012


It was bound to happen. With all it's sugary sweetness, my art was bound to take a little detour into darker waters. I knew it would happen eventually but I did not expect it to turn so soon.
Current project: Creating my own tarot deck

Current sources of inspiration:
  1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - The plot is ok...but the circus descriptions and imageries are amazing.
  2. Charmaine Olivia - Love her or hate her, the girl is committed. She truly embodies her art. Her entire appearance, persona, lifestyle, environment and paintings are all rolled up into one witchy, gothic, otherworldly aesthetic. I'm starting to wonder if she is cleverly doing that on purpose.
  3. Edward Gorey - The best example I've found of tongue in cheek macabre art. I LOVE how he manages to walk that fine line between funny/devious/innocent/twisted...basically all the things I'm striving for right now.
  4. Edward Scissorhands soundtrack - And a couple others from Danny Elfman. The perfect arting background music.
So, watch out...Lisa's venturing into a new, gloomier genre. And as with most things I get really excited about, I'm going into this full-assed (as opposed to the half-assedness I save for things like mopping the floors). Which means I need to do my research. Which means I need books. Which means I order things like the encyclopedia on the occult.

No. I'm serious.
See? I even full-ass nerd.


Breakfast Fruits said...

You like Edward Gorey, Danny Elfman AND adorable animals? Okay, we officially need to hang out.
- Allison (fuzzy grapefruit)

Lisa Chow said...

For sure! Let me know when you're free. =)