February 25, 2012


Quote of the Day:
"If I'm gonna put on pants, I better be putting on pants for a reason. Nah mean?"*

What's Making Lisa Happy Today:
Trip to the farmer's market.
Impromptu date nights.

What's Pissing Lisa Off Today:
Paint colors. Historically accurate paint colors.
And I suppose pants.

*Another resurrected AIM profile feature.
Aaannd you can take the girl out of Alief but you can't take the Alief out of the girl.
Don't know where Alief is? Good. It's probably better that way.

February 24, 2012


For the past few months, I've been surprised to find myself drawn to darker, spookier images and subject matters. And quite frankly, I like it.
While I still love my sweet, spritely, technicolored happy-go-lucky fairytales, I'm finding myself extremely intrigued by all things strange, mysterious and otherworldly. I suppose it was bound to happen.

I think this is what they call...growing up? Maturing? No, no. The art world has a much more pretentious word for it.


And while I recognize this new venture into occult tinged art might turn some away; I really hope it doesn't*. I really hope you enjoy and appreciate that just like you, I grow and change and so does my art.

And as the world turns...so do the days of our lives.

*And if it does...poop on you.**
**And once you've cleaned the poop off, please revisit me in July when I'll be debuting a new body of work that is...what I hope to be...beautiful and haunting all at the same time. See? I aim to please all! =D***
***No, I really do. It's a problem.****
****So are footnotes within footnotes.

February 14, 2012

No Bitter Valentine's

Ah, another Valentine's Day...I suppose that means it's time for another bitter Valentine's Day post...

...except. I'm not that bitter this year. Maybe it's because I've got...
...lined up this year and I've been working my tail off. Too busy to be bitter.
Not to mention the general all consuming insane excited happy feelings of having two exhibits. Too joyous to be bitter.

Happy Valentine's Day! [no sarcasm...none at all...]

ok. maybe just a little bit...stupid fake Hallmark holiday...