May 4, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Lovin

Ooo's been a long time...yeeaaaahh. I've got nothin. No excuses at all.

So, let's just jump right back in.

You know how there are those relationship people? (I will love you for a long time and when we are over, I will find your replacement with a crazy lightening quickness.)

And then there are the serial daters? (You look pretty...until I turn my head and...LOOK! Someone prettier.)

And then there are the emotional jerks? (I like you. I am bored of you. I LOVE you. Nope, bored again.)

Well, I've always been a relationship girl. EXCEPT...for when it comes to my art. When it comes to my art, I am a completely fickle, whiny, overly dramatic, emotional jerk. I love it one day. The next, I don't even want to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing.

This week had been a bad one. I grew bored. And then I forced myself to try and make it work but that just made me more depressed and resentful. I just knew it was over. I had given it all I had and I just couldn't give anymore. What did it want from me!? Couldn't we still be friends?

And today. I love it again.

Too bad today is also a Friday (aka the day Lisa's brain decides to go on it's weekly vacation) and I probably won't get any work done. And when I start back up...I'll likely hate it again.

Are you ready for a montage?

Stupid Pikachu rabbit judges me.

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