June 29, 2012

Renegade Brooklyn

Despite a summer internship and a handful of visits to NYC, I had yet to visit Brooklyn. But Renegade Craft Fair took me there...and to Williamsburg* of all places. And because I'm too lazy for words...these instagrammed photos** will have to suffice.

Williamsburg greeted me with rain. But that didn't stop me from shopping and venturing into Manhattan for some Laduree macarons. Priorities.

My rented tent lacked structural support for my usual display. It's ok. It just looked like it was melting along with everyone else in the heat wave. 

Day 1: Coffee. 

Day 2: More coffee. 

And just in case this Texas girl got lost, my hotel was kind enough to provide a beacon. 

 Day 4: More rain?! I strategically found cover inside...a cupcake shop. 

But fortunately, there was just enough sun to look all touristy trekking to the High Line.

Ended the trip on a sweet note. Literally. Ice cream man gave me two spoons. Only one was needed. Don't insult me like that.

*Williamsburg is the Wicker Park of Chicago, the Heights/Montrose of Houston, the South Congress of Austin and...from what I hear...pretty much all of Portland. 
**Which effortlessly makes me look like a mediocre photographer instead of what I really am...a crap photographer.

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AK said...

Share your ice cream, Lisa!!! ;-)