July 31, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever.*

This weekend was stupendous...and I never use that word so you know I'm serious. In order to convey the awesomeness that was this weekend and to accurately depict my roller coaster of art induced emotions, I have to start on Friday; weekend start proper.

I had just finished reading Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton and was feeling thoroughly dejected. Reading this book during a slump where I was feeling particularly art-vulnerable was a big mistake. Not only did Ms. Thornton confirm my fear that my not having an art institutionally endorsed line on my CV meant I would never be represented by the big wig galleries and thus will forever float around in shallow, art mediocrity waters...she taught me the definition of outsider art.

Outsider art: "usually refers to the art made by inmates of insane asylums, mentally disabled people, or self-taught artists who have had little or no contact with art institutions"


The first...and hopefully annual?...Houston Arts Resource Fair was a day full of workshops, speakers, consultations and general Houston artist camaraderie. I loved it. While the industry expert lectures were helpful for most but repetitive for some...the most valuable bit I got from the fair was the renewed faith and pride in Houston's burgeoning art scene. I love our artists. And I love the organizations who support them. And I'm so happy to be among them.

And the cherry on top? I received a much unexpected invitation from an extremely covetable gallery in L.A. to participate in some upcoming group shows. Zing!

I feel I am in no way overstating when I declare YET and I threw THE TEA PARTY TO END ALL TEA PARTIES. In order to justly celebrate the merging of our two aesthetics in our latest collaborative exhibition at Fresh Arts, we felt only a girly, sweet, whimsical, succulent, seductive, over-the-top tea party would suffice.

All photos (and more) from the wonderful Alex Barber.

More photos here.

And if you've managed to read this long winded post, here's a reward video from Binarium Productions.

*Ok, best weekend in a while. Obviously, my wedding weekend, the weekends I got my cats, any time Christmas falls on a weekend...

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