August 21, 2012

Tomorrow's a Bitch

I love days when I say "screw it" to the ever growing list of tasks on my to-do list...days when I can gulp iced coffee leisurely at my desk by the window...days when episode after beloved episode of Frasier keep me company on my laptop...days of sunny sunshine after a weekend of gloomy rain...entire days spent with just a sheet of paper and a nicely dulled pencil (and two sleepy headed cats)...days that feel indulgent.

And then I look up at the clock and realize it's 4PM and I need to make a mad dash to the post office and bank before they close...and I desperately need to respond to that one email I've been ignoring all day...and my to-do list is starting to look more urgent...and........that's how my "tomorrow's to-do list" always looks like a bitch.

*In case you couldn't tell, I've recently discovered photo apps. And I love them. 


AK said...

You should check out photo apps, I think you'll like them =P

Karen Jahnke said...

too funny, that is what I normally have to do after ignoring my to do list. or just loosing it. if i cant see it i cant do it. hehe. but i do love getting those ticks on the list. it just feels sooo good. ps. im a list freak.

Lisa Chow said...

Albert - What are photo apps????
Karen - I LOVE lists...and organization. I already have my 2013 planner and have started filling it in. =X