November 29, 2012

Logo Reveal

Asking for people's opinions on your logo design is like revealing your baby name months before the baby is born; you're just opening yourself up to unwanted suggestions and 'constructive' criticism when all you really want to hear is "That is amazing. You are a genius for coming up with that."

So...without having run it by anyone other than myself, my office manager Bill and my executive assistant it is. My new logo. 

And because I love it when people explain their thought processes; here's mine:
  • I wanted something simple.
  • I wanted the font to be sweet yet classic.
  • Capitalizing my name felt pretentious. Lower case felt daintier. 
  • Grey because it's modern, clean me...alludes to pencil leads.
  • The heart and it's placement is a nod to how I sign my thank you notes to my wonderful customers.


Kasia Tran said...

That is amazing. You are a genius for coming up with that.

Lisa Chow said...

Kasia, I like you.